Fall leaves inside house with moving boxes stacked up.

Benefits of Buying a Home and Moving During Fall

Autumn is a preferred season for many people with its moderate temperatures and lovely foliage. Although families often like to relocate during the summer break from school, fall offers different benefits than the hottest months and other seasons when making a household move. 

Many people routinely enjoy these benefits if you consider purchasing a home and moving from September through November.

1. Pleasant Moving Weather is a Plus

The temperate weather remains a perfect opportunity for outdoor activities, and moving falls into that category. 

When relocating, movers and homeowners must load and unload belongings on trucks. This process requires people to hoist and carry items through front yards and up and down exposed stairs, and hot weather conditions can impact the stress and strain on the body.

The effect of soaring summer temperatures or freezing winter days is generally not conducive to heavy lifting. Although spring mimics the modest temperatures of autumn, April showers are less desirable than heat and snow. Thus, fall provides the most desirable seasonal conditions for moving.

2. Autumn Ushers In Cost-Effective Moving Services

Professional moving companies experience a peak during summer. Working families often schedule their moves to coincide with school vacations. Just as the real estate values rise, so do the support services provided by moving companies. This typical increase in cost is primarily driven by supply and demand. Anytime a product or service is at a premium, companies generally raise their rates to maximize profits. Just as gas and hotel room prices usually decline during fall, so may the cost of full-service movers.

3. Fall Allows Homebuyers To Select Flexible Moving Dates

During summer and holiday weekends, the desire to move often results in moving companies getting booked far in advance. This proves problematic for homebuyers tasked with aligning closing dates with movers.

During fall, both industries loosen up considerably, and this provides increased flexibility. Many discover more opportunities for weekend moves. Monday and Friday’s opportunities also prove advantageous in scheduling a long weekend for moving preparation and putting belongings in their proper place. That type of flexibility can be challenging to come by during summer, winter vacation, holiday weekends, and spring break, among others.

4. Increased Opportunity For Full-Service Movers

People outside the moving industry may not realize that summer crunches also take up many of the comprehensive services offered by quality companies. Full-service movers often support homebuyers with supplies, packing fragile belongings, secure transport of high-value property, and automobile transportation. Those convenient services reduce the workload people experience when transitioning into a new home and community. Moreover, they are typically readily available during autumn.

Fall Move Made Easy

Working with experienced professionals can help make moving during fall as pleasant as the weather. If you are considering moving during autumn, reach out to us for a free price quote.