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5 Ways to Simplify Moving With Kids

After you move your family, you’ll need some time to settle in. It’s even more challenging with young children.

Little kids can’t do a lot for themselves. And they can slow you down too.

Here are five ways you can simplify your moving-in process.

1. Give Kids Choices

Like adults, kids need some degree of control over their lives. Without it, they show signs of stress and may act out.

Avoid a lot of these problems by letting your kids make choices whenever possible. Let them choose their rooms. Set minor limits on paint color and decor.

These decisions don’t affect the course of the move, but they will help your kids feel like they have a stake in it.

2. Unpack Kids’ Rooms First

It’s tempting to start unpacking the rest of the house first, but it’s better to give your kids their own spaces. Think of it as creating a safe room for them to play, so you can keep unpacking.

Create a system to unpack the home that doesn’t interfere with the kids’ rooms. Set up gates or other means to keep small children out of unsafe areas.

For infants and toddlers, create a staging area for unpacking before you bring it into the room. That way, you don’t have to worry about them getting into things while you take a bathroom break.

3. Check-in With Friends and Family

You can expect to answer a lot of questions about the move throughout the process. Kids need reassurance that they won’t forget your old life in your old home.

Once you create a safe space for the kids in the home, it’s time to check-in. Call family members to let them know you are now in your new home—text neighbors and friends.

If you can, make a call on FaceTime or Zoom to let the kids show off the new space. It will help them keep connections to their old lives.

4. Establish a Routine

Kids need routine more than almost anything. They’ll do better with a similar schedule in the new home.

As soon as you can, start following mealtime and bedtime routines. If you can’t follow the same schedule you had, try to time it based on daylight.

It may take a few weeks to sync your routine to everyone in the house, but it’s worth it. Your kids will see that life isn’t so different, and they’ll relax.

5. Explore the Neighborhood

As you make progress unpacking the house, take opportunities to explore. Kids love an adventure, especially if you can break it up into manageable pieces.

Instead of taking long walks or drives, do a little at a time. Explore the yard one day. Take a walk down the street the next day.

Show the kids what you see, and reinforce the ordinary nature of everything. They’ll feel at home in no time.

At Ease at Home

For kids, moving into a new home needs to happen quickly. They’ll adjust better as a result. Contact us for a free quote or to schedule your move.