Couple playing with dog during move

5 Tips for Moving with Dogs

Moving can be a very stressful process. What you might not know is that it is also very stressful for kids and even pets.

Our pets love consistency and enjoy feeling comfortable in a familiar environment.

When pets are introduced to a new environment, they may have some odd behavioral issues as they get reacquainted with their new home. Pets often get overlooked during all the chaos of a move, understandably, but it’s important to consider them as you do so.

While there isn’t a perfect solution for this, there are a few tips you can follow to help moving with dogs go as smoothly as possible.

Keep It Positive

With everything you have to cross off your to-do list, you’re probably at pretty high-stress levels. Your dog will sense this and is probably wondering how he can help.

As you are bustling about during your move, take a moment and pay some attention to your four-legged family member when moving with dogs.

Speak positively to your dog during the process. Whether you are packing or cleaning, have conversations with your dog. Having a conversation with your dog can actually be therapeutic for both of you. Positively reinforce your pet with treats and belly rubs.

Keep Up With Your Routine

With so much changing already, it will be really important to keep up with your dog’s routine as best as you can.

During your truck hauls, reorganizing, and packing- make sure that Fido gets his walks and his meals at the same time he normally does.

Sometimes when moving with dogs, this may seem unavoidable, but if you can do it, your dog will feel more secure.

Keep Your Pet Secluded When Moving With Dogs

The key is to move the house and the belongings before you move the pet. If you can set up as much as you can to make your new home feel like your old home with familiar objects, your dog will have an easier transition period.

As they slowly adjust to their new place, confine them to certain sections of the home. Let them become familiar with pieces of the home at a slow pace instead of being overwhelmed by an entirely new territory all at once.

Make a Sleepover Kit

On the first night after the move into your new home, the chances are high that your dog’s food, bowls, and toys may be stored away. Pack a separate bag you can keep with you that is easily accessible with all of your pet’s necessary supplies.

With a special sleepover bag for the first night, your dog will have all that makes him feel comfortable at your disposal for their first night in a new home.

Call Your Vet

If you’re moving with dogs out of your neighborhood or away from your local vet, call your vet and have your records transferred to your new vet office.

If you don’t have a new vet nailed down, call your old one and have them make a recommendation.

Doggy Priorities

Your beloved pet will have an easier transition and can avoid bad behavior if you follow some of these simple tips.

Keep your pet engaged, on a routine, and secluded for optimal dog comfort during a move.

When you’re ready for a seamless, stress-free moving experience, contact us today to help you get into your new home in no time!