Family excitedly packing moving boxes

4 Ways to Keep Your Family Motivated During a Move

Without question, a move takes a lot of work. Further, in some regards, relocating with your family brings about some emotional challenges, even if those challenges are simply the stress associated with all the work. When you are moving with your children, things can get even tenser. Your children might get discouraged and tired of the moving process. However, taking steps to keep everyone motivated ensures you have fewer bad days. Here are four good ways to motivate the family during your residential move.

1. Schedule a Fun Break Night

As you create your family’s moving schedule, pencil in a night on the schedule purely for family fun. Get the children involved by asking them to supply ideas about activities they would like to do in your current home before you leave. Something as simple to pull together as a family game night or a game of hide and seek while everything is packed can give everyone an enjoyable break.

2. Plan a Backyard Picnic Before Leaving the Old Home

A backyard picnic is a fun way to enjoy the last few days at your old house, but also it can be an excellent way to have a fun family dinner when your kitchen is out of order. So pick some foods you know everyone will enjoy, plan to play a few backyard games, and pack the picnic basket. Need a few ideas for kid-friendly picnic foods? Be sure to check out some creative backyard picnic ideas from Kid Spot.

3. Make a To-Do List with Special Incentives

If you have ever used a chore wheel, you likely already know how well incentives can work to get your children on board to get things done. You can apply the same principles to moving. Create a list of objectives you must complete, write each task on an envelope, and then stuff a special prize or dollar amount. You can easily adjust the objectives and rewards according to your children’s age groups. For example:

  • Pack up all the toys in a bedroom – $5
  • Clean out the closet in the hall and sort items into neat piles – 60 minutes on an electronic device
  • Gather all outdoor toys around the yard – Movie tickets
  • Play with the dog for 30 minutes to keep it occupied – Sheet of stickers

4. Make Plans for a Special Outing Once Settled

Nothing motivates children to get things done like having something to look forward to when the work is done. Take a look at local events and attractions near your new home. Plan to have an outing once you are moved and settled into your new place. For example, if you happen to be moving to the state of Connecticut in the fall, check out what seasonal festivals are taking place soon after your move-in date. Make sure to let the children know about the plans in advance to give them a reason to be excited.

Lighten the Load with Help from Professional Movers

One way to make sure moving is less of a struggle for a family is to source professional movers. When the professionals are helping you with your transition, you have more time to commit to keeping your home team motivated. Get a free estimate. Contact us today.