A hand holding out keys to a rental property with moving boxes in the background.

A Checklist to Follow Before Moving from Your Rental Property

Are you moving from your rented home to another place? Before you pack the last box and hand over your keys, check a few things off your to-do list. 

When renting a home, you enter into an agreement with the property owners. Therefore, you likely signed a lease when you moved in that stated the move-out expectations. To ensure you leave on good terms and fulfill the lease terms, you may have a few objectives to complete before you go. 

1. Check your lease for a timeline for giving notice.

The standard practice for most leasing agents is to require a 30-day notice when a tenant decides to move. This allows the landlord time to prepare for getting the rental marketed and a new occupant in place when you vacate. Be sure to look at your lease and determine if you need to give a 30-day notice. In most cases, not giving the agreed-upon notice can be grounds for forfeiting your security deposit. Therefore, a few months before you know you will move, peruse your lease agreement. Then determine when and how you should give notice. 

2. Assess the property for any damages you may have caused.

Property damage is always possible when you live every day in a home. Small damages like stains on the carpet, a hole in the wall, or a broken window could potentially be charged to you or deducted from your security deposit when you move out. However, consider that general wear and tear is not normally the tenant’s responsibility. For example, if the walls need to be painted, this is considered general maintenance and should be handled by the property owner about every five to seven years

3. Make sure to look at utilities and payment commitments.

If utilities are your responsibility as part of your lease agreement, take care of these payment commitments before moving out of your rental property. In most cases, bills will have to be paid at the old address if you move within the same service areas before service can be connected to the new address. However, if you are responsible for these payments, which are not paid, this could cause issues for the property owner when you leave. 

4. Talk to the landlord about cleaning responsibilities.

Landlords can have different preferences when a tenant vacates a rental home. Some will automatically bring in a cleaning crew to handle the required deep cleaning before a new tenant moves in. However, it may also be your responsibility to thoroughly clean the property before moving. This may include everything from shampooing carpets to ensuring no furniture or trash is left behind. Discuss the move and the expectations according to the lease with the property owner. 

Get the Professional Moving Help You Need for the Transition 

Moving from one rental to the next or your own home can be a significant undertaking. So as you build a checklist of things to do before moving from your rental, be sure to get a free moving quote. Our team will help you make the transition smoothly.