Picturesque homes in Connecticut with water in the forground.

5 Things to Automatically Expect as a New Connecticut Resident

Are you excited about your upcoming residential move to Connecticut? If you’ve never lived in the Constitution State in southern New England, you are bound to feel right at home. CT has a reputation as a friendly place, and the quality of life ranks consistently high compared to other states. So many people visit CT as outsiders and love the area so much that they choose to become residents. If you are making that decision, check out what you can expect as a Connecticut resident.

1. Expect that you can be highly selective about seafood.

CT boasts a long list of coastal cities, and the fishing industry here is robust. The area is known as one of the nation’s biggest producers of oysters, lobsters, and clams. Because CT is well-known for seafood, you can find some of the best in your home state. Restaurants commonly serve dishes made with locally harvested, fresh seafood, and residents have gotten wholly used to having access to only the best. You can also find a fair share of fresh seafood markets where you can pick the best local catch of the day.

2. Expect ideal seasonal weather.

If you enjoy mild summers perfect for beach days and lots of snowy days in the winter, CT is the ideal place to call home. The state is known for good seasonal weather—you can truly enjoy the best of every season from spring to winter. Average temps in the summer tend to hover around a high of 82.5° F, which is ideal for shorts and sunny outdoor excursions. The fall foliage attracts people from every direction to get a peek at the colorful splendor, and you can almost bet on plenty of days for sledding and skiing in the winter.

3. Expect your neighbors to feel like family eventually.

Any resident in CT will tell you that most areas make it easy to feel at home. The state is known for its hospitable nature, and when you pick a neighborhood and settle in, your neighbors can often become like extended family.

4. Expect your children to have access to some of the best schools.

If you have children and want to make sure they have access to the highest-quality education, CT is the state to be. The latest data shows that CT schools rank in the top three in the entire country. These rankings occur due to schools having high standards regarding teachers, a high level of parental involvement, and dedication to student engagement.

5. Expect access to excellent breweries.

Connecticut is known to be home to some top breweries in the New England area. Known regionally and nationwide for offering excellent craft beer, you never have to go far to find a brew that you can appreciate. Hop Culture provides a great list to reference if you want to visit the best breweries in the state.

Ready to call CT your home?

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