Person sitting on floor placing folded clothes into a cardboard box labeled donate.

Where Can I Take My Donations Before Moving?

Sometimes, you don’t realize just how much you own until it is time to pack everything up and move to a new home. According to a survey discussed by Becoming Minimalist, the average American household is home to no less than 300,000 items.

If you decide you don’t necessarily want to take hundreds of thousands of items with you to your new home, donating your extra belongings may be something to consider. Check out a few places you may be able to take your donations before your household move.


There are more than 3,200 retail Goodwill thrift stores nationwide. Most of these locations are open to donations of clothing, books, shoes, and some household goods from area residents. However, it’s best to check with your local Goodwill to determine what is accepted, as the types of donations can vary depending on the location. As an adage, Goodwill donations may even be tax-deductible.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army operates numerous thrift stores across the country where they collect and sell goods and use those profits to fund charitable objectives. Depending on the location, The Salvation Army may accept things like:

  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Household goods and decor
  • Tools

One unique thing that some of the organization’s thrift stores may accept that many others do not is appliances and automobiles. So, even if you have an outdated car that you would prefer to donate, this may be something to check on with the Salvation Army in your area.

Local Shelters

Local homeless and domestic violence shelters are often privately funded organizations, and the funds are usually allocated more toward keeping the place open to take care of those in need. Therefore, it is not uncommon for some shelters to accept new and gently used items that people who stay at the shelter may need. If you have a shelter in your area, consider donating:

  • New or gently used clothing and outerwear
  • Unopened toiletries you no longer need
  • Towels and bedding

As a side note, if your local shelter also has a soup kitchen or feeds the guests staying at the shelter, they may also accept donations of canned foods and kitchenware.

Thrift Stores

General thrift stores usually accept donations from the public but are not affiliated with larger organizations. These privately owned businesses may accept everything from clothing in good condition to home decor and furniture. Just be sure to check with any store in your area regarding what they accept and how to drop off items.


Because churches often serve those in need within the community, many are open to donations for particular items. For example, some churches make efforts to help individuals who need help finding housing after losing their homes due to eviction, a fire, or another catastrophic event. These churches may also accept donations to pass them onto individuals in need in these instances.

Need help with the rest of your belongings?

Donating what you don’t want is an excellent way to scale down your belongings and give back to those in need. Then, once you’ve cleared the clutter and packed what you want to take with you, we can help you get everything moved to your new place. Contact us for a free moving quote today.