Black labrador laying on carpet in front of moving boxes as it looks at a yellow tennis ball.

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Occupied and Calm During a Move

Just as moving can be a little stressful for humans, dogs can also be quite unsettled by the big event. From a dog’s perspective, you are taking away everything familiar, bringing in odd people, and breaking usual routines—possibly even taking them to a place that smells nothing like home. Therefore, it can be good to have a few ways to calm an anxious dog during a residential move. Here are a couple of ideas to remember.

1. Doggie Puzzles

Doggie puzzles are a type of dog toy that usually contains treats. However, for the dog to gain access to the goodies, they may have to move a slider, lift a flap, or even roll the toy, so the treats fall out. These boredom busters are a go-to for pet owners dealing with a dog with separation anxiety because they can keep a dog entertained for quite some time.

2. New Chew Toys

If you have a canine that loves to chew and gnaw on something, a new chew toy may be in order when you are getting prepared for your move. Just be mindful of chew bones and toys that are safe for canines. For example, the Veterinary Oral Health Council has approved several chew treats, such as Purina DentaLife chews and Greenies.

3. Treats with Calming Ingredients

If your dog is especially stressed due to all the activity at home, it may be helpful to pick up some dog treats that contain naturally calming ingredients. According to PetMD, a few dog treat ingredients that can be naturally calming for canines and safe in reasonable amounts include:

  • L-theanine
  • L-tryptophan
  • Zylkene
  • Cannabidiol
  • Melatonin

In a worst-case scenario, you can also talk to your vet about prescriptions that may be available to help soothe your pet until the move is over.

4. Assign a Household Dog Overseer

In some situations, one of the worst things from the dog’s perspective about the relocation is that it may not get the same level of attention, and its routine can be off-kilter. If you have several people in the household, make sure one is the designated doggy caregiver for the day. This person can be responsible for making sure the dog gets to go for walks and gets ample attention while everyone else is busy with the move.

5. Turn on the Television

If your dog usually watches TV, having it on during the move can be an excellent way to occupy its time. This can also be a perfect way to mask some of the noises in the house that the dog may find unsettling. For example, if you want to keep your dog occupied while you have unfamiliar people in the house helping you pack, you can place the dog in a bedroom with the TV on.

Find More Time for the Dog with Help from Professional Movers

When you have a few extra hands on deck to help you make a big transition, you may have a little more time to make sure your four-legged housemate gets all the attention it needs. Contact us to get a free moving quote today.