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What Can You Expect From a Full-Service Moving Company?

Packing your home can turn into a full-time job. You might have to take time off work, fill boxes while talking on the phone, or run to the store at midnight for packing tape. The process can take weeks.

On the other hand, a full-service mover can pack it all up in one day. Then when you move in, they’ll unpack and arrange everything so that it feels like home.

A full-service moving company handles your entire moving process. They can pack and unpack everything, including hard-to-handle antiques and breakables. 

Many moving plans also offer storage, debris pickup, and car shipping. With a full-service plan, you get precisely what you need. 


Full-service movers provide all necessary packing supplies, including boxes, peanuts, padding, and tape. After unpacking, the movers will collect any debris and dispose of the boxes.

Packing up

When you hire full-service movers, the company takes care of your job from start to finish, including folding your clothes, packing plates, removing picture frames, and rolling up rugs. 


A full-service mover knows how to wrap and protect each piece of furniture for a move. The service includes furniture disassembly for easy transport, then reassembly on arrival. 


Your movers will make plans to handle valuable furniture, antiques, fragile china, and anything else that needs extra packing. Custom crates can even be built for items with unique shapes, ornate trim, or are especially breakable.

Appliances and Electronics

Once you have your appliances disconnected and your computers backed up, a full-service moving company takes care of the rest. They’ll carefully transport heavy items and supply extra packaging to keep your electronics secured.


Your moving company will transport your packed items safely from door to door. Just set up a time for your things to be delivered. 

Car Shipping

A full-service moving company also helps you transport large items. Whether you need to move a hot tub or ship a car, a moving company can make the arrangements so that you don’t have to sort through options by yourself.


If there’s a delay before you move into your new home, a full-service company can provide storage. That way, your possessions stay safe and secure while you wait.


Under your guidance, the team will unpack and arrange your possessions to make your house immediately feel like home. Having movers do the unpacking lets you attend to other move-in tasks.

Full Value Protection

When you hire full-service movers, you receive full value protection for everything moved. If something is lost, damaged, or destroyed while in your mover’s custody, the mover will either repair or restore the article, replace it, or reimburse you for the loss.

Contact a Full-Service Moving Company

If you need a full-service moving package, our company can arrange a virtual survey to assess your job remotely and give you a quote right away. Contact us so that we can provide you the service you need.