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5 Tips That Will Help You Destress and Relax After a Move

Without a doubt, moving your family from one home to another is an exhausting task, both physically and emotionally. With all the lead up to and preparation for your move, you are sure to still feel wound up once you reach your new house.

But you want to be able to relax and enjoy your new home. How can you unwind quickly? Read on to learn five tips to help destress after your residential move.

1. Turn On Some Tunes While You Unpack

Unpacking and setting up your new home takes a lot of work. At times, it’s even more stressful than the move itself.

If you’re hoping to limit your stress, consider turning on your favorite music while you unwrap and unbox all your belongings. Research shows that music can decrease the physical side-effects of stress. It can prevent your blood pressure and heart rate from rising.

2. Re-Fuel with Food

One of the best things to do after a long move is to re-fuel! Try out a new local restaurant by ordering some food for delivery. This way, you won’t have to worry about unpacking or doing dishes the first night in your new home.

3. Explore Your Neighborhood

If you have children, then you know the added challenges of moving with kids.  Expect them to have a lot of energy while yours is waning.

That’s why exploring your neighborhood is an excellent way for the whole family to destress. Your kids will enjoy seeing all the new sights, and you’ll get to walk off that anxiety.

If you’re lucky, then you might even discover a park or wooded area to enjoy! If you have a dog, it will welcome the opportunity to get out and explore.

4. Get Your Priorities Straight

Once you’ve got everything in your new home, the work’s only half-way done. It will likely take days (or weeks) to move everything into its place. In the meantime, clutter can increase your stress.

To avoid this, make a list of your priorities right away. Make a checklist of what’s most important to unpack. Your immediate concerns should be unpacking your bed, bathroom, and kitchen supplies. Then prioritize the other things on the list.

This list will make you feel accomplished every time you check an item off.

5. Sleep Well

Is your move impacting your regular sleep routine? If so, then your stress levels will rise, too. Researchers say that even minor sleep disturbances affect our mood, judgment, and memory.

To reduce post-move stress, be sure you’re focusing on your sleep. Getting enough rest is crucial to help you recharge.

Rewarding Yourself After a Move

Going through a move is unsettling. It’s also often full of unexpected twists and turns. Despite all that, it’s rewarding once the hard work is done. You’ll get to enjoy a beautiful new home for years to come.

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