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How To Disassemble Your House To Prepare For A Short Distance Move

No matter how short the distance, moving, and packing can still be stressful if not done correctly. Are you preparing for a local move? Keep reading for some tips to help prepare your home with ease. 

Be ready for your move, no matter the distance. Make sure move-in day is as pain-free as possible with this guide. 

Clear the Clutter 

One great thing about moving is that, while tedious, it gives you time to sort through all of your possessions. This is an ideal time to get rid of things you don’t need, allowing your new home to be clutter-free. Having less clutter will allow for less packing time and space in your moving vehicle. 

Make sure you’re not wasting moving boxes and transportation space and energy on unnecessary items. Consider putting unwanted items aside to be donated to a thrift store or charity. Throw away or recycle things that are broken or useless. 

Prepare Packing Supplies

Having your packing supplies prepared ahead of time will allow you to start packing as soon as possible. Get clean, sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes to accommodate a mixture of items. Sturdy box bottoms and available covers are a must for your special possessions. 

Make sure you also have scissors, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Have a few markers available to label your items.

Label all of your boxes. Make sure to indicate the boxes with fragile items. Also, label and set aside your essentials kit, a box full of things you may need right away, such as toiletries and cooking supplies. This will help you when unpacking, as you will be able to prioritize certain items. 

Disassemble In Stages 

Packing in stages will be more manageable, but it will also help you make your space less crowded with boxes. Before packing, take inventory of what you’ll be bringing and what you’ll leave behind.

Begin your moving process in rooms that you use less frequently, such as spare bedrooms, attics, and basements. After this, work into the rooms you use more regularly. This will allow you to use your space more effectively before the move, while still working ahead. 

Hire a Moving Team 

If you want to make your local move as pain-free as possible, consider hiring a moving team that can help you out. This is an excellent idea for a local move, as you can get things packed and leave the rest to a team of professionals. This will also allow you to get things done in one haul, rather than multiple hauls between homes in your smaller vehicle. 

When you disassemble your home, keep these moving tips in mind. Make your local move as easy as possible, so that you can settle into your home in great spirits. Preparing for your move by working ahead in stages will feel much less stressful than waiting until a few days before. 

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