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Visit the Mystery: 5 of the Best Escape Rooms in Connecticut!

Escape rooms are the current craze in entertainment worldwide, with about 2,300 of them operating in the U.S.

Connecticut is no exception, with some great examples of entertainment in every county.  So, if you live in Hartford, or are moving to Hartford and seek some local fun, read on.

You’ll find some of the best escape rooms in Connecticut right on your doorstep.

How Do Escape Rooms in Connecticut Work?

Like escape games everywhere, escape rooms in CT center on people working together as a team.

Usually, escape room participants must pass several tests to solve a final mission. Often, this involves opening locks, decoding secret messages, solving puzzles, and finding hidden objects.

Some of these venues, like Paradiso in New York, go all out with live actors and fully customized experiences.

While every escape room challenge is different, communication is the one key that’s central to all of them.

If you fancy yourself a master codebreaker or like working in a team, round up your gang and head to one of these adventure rooms in CT.

Mission Escape Games in West Hartford, CT

This Jekyll and Hyde-themed game is unique because it has a public format. That means whoever is there at the time joins in. If you want a private session, you must book all the tickets.

It’s a well-designed puzzle-based game that involves trying to escape from Dr. Jekyll’s lair before Mr. Hyde returns.

Codeword Escape at Rocky Hill, CT

This is a multi-roomed experience with each room featuring a different challenge. You buy tickets on a room-by-room basis, and you may complete as many of them as you want to.

Codeword Escapes updates their games often, giving you every excuse to test your wits more than once.

While you’re in the area, Rocky Hill has a fascinating Dinosaur Park with a few mysteries of its own to discover.

The Ultimate Escape, Norwich, CT

It’s a little out of the way, but the Ultimate Escape is unique because it has games for just two people. This makes it a good option for a unique date night.

The challenges involve themes like Alien Abduction, Quest for the Throne, and Secret Agent. These tests include little physical activity or scary themes, making them ideal for families, too.

Team vs. Time in Berlin, CT

Choose from four different games and race to victory against the clock at Team vs. Time. Dare you solve a mafia challenge? Will you find the witch’s spellbook? Can you save the queen in time? Or could you cure the plague?

There’s only one way to find out. Get a team together and take on the challenges at Team vs. Time.

Make the Most of Your Move to Connecticut

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Keep reading our blog for helpful moving tips and information on the best things to do and see in the area. Whether you’re looking for natural attractions to admire or brain-busting escape rooms in Connecticut, we’ve got you covered.