Don’t Know Where to Start? 5 Tips on How to Organize a Great Move

There are 7,000 moving companies scattered throughout the U.S. Between them, they help move over 15 million households every year.

It follows that if you want tips to stay organized during a move, moving companies have the experience to give you what you need.

Here are some suggestions from the pros on how to organize your next move.

1. Book Your Movers Early

You can’t start planning your move until you know when you’re leaving. Everything hinges on your moving day, and early booking will ensure that you get the date you want.

Booking your movers too late means you have to take whatever dates are available. You might end up having to move out of your home much earlier than planned.

Even worse, you may have nowhere to go after your lease has run out, resulting in a last-minute scramble for temporary accommodations.

Booking a reliable moving company must be the first item on your relocation checklist.

2. Pare Down Your Possessions

Chances are you’re underestimating the amount of stuff you’ve got to move. You’re probably unaware of how much of it you really need, too.

Be ruthless in your efforts to de-clutter. If you haven’t used something for months, donate it to someone who’ll appreciate it. 

3. You Can Never Have Enough Labels and Lists

Clearly label every box with a summary of its contents and room allocation for your new home. This makes it easy for your movers to help you by placing boxes at their final destination while unpacking.

Label loose items and indicate where those items belong. Take photos of important items as you pack them so that you have proof to fall back on if they’re scratched or scuffed in transit.

Keep a master list of every box and its contents. This may seem like overkill, but it saves a lot of time when you’re looking for an important item.

If something is misplaced, it’s easier to follow up with the moving company when you have an inventory handy. Besides, making lists is an excellent way to relieve anxiety.

4. Protect Your Assets

Get appraisals on all your valuables, especially antiques and artwork. If they get damaged along the way, you’ll have proof of their worth when filing a claim.

Sentimental items that have little tangible value are better off traveling with you in your car. If that’s impossible, label them ”fragile” even if they aren’t glass goods.

This ensures your movers will take the utmost care with these priceless items.

5. Keep Essential Items Close to Hand

Pack a box or bag with things that you’ll need on arrival at your new home. Make sure it doesn’t end up in the van!

Some of the things you’ll need are:

  •   A change of clothes for each person in your house
  •   Food and Bowls for your pets
  •       Toiletries and cosmetics—don’t forget the toothbrushes!

Place a list of important telephone numbers in your moving folder and remember to pack some snacks for the road.

More Tips to Stay Organized

With these pointers from the pros, you’re guaranteed to take most of the well-documented stress out of moving.

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