Tips to Help Your Child Adjust When Moving to a New School in a New City

Do you remember the first-day jitters when you started school? Now double or triple that feeling. That’s the stress and anxiety some children feel when moving to a new school in a new environment.

Moving is hard for everyone, and for kids, moving is a tougher challenge. Their tender years revolves around their school, friends, and teachers. Leaving behind people and places that they’ve grown attached to for new ones is asking for a lot.  

How do we help our children cope and thrive in this new environment? Here are some tips to prepare your child and help settle their feelings when transitioning to a new school.  

Talking Helps

This sounds like a simple solution, but this is one of the best things you could do for your kids. In this unfamiliar situation, you’re the only one they trust and feel comfortable opening up to.

Talking helps them sort through their feelings about the move. They’ll have things they’re anxious about, and you can go through them one by one.

Let them know that their concerns are natural and that other children are going through the same thing they are. Reassure them that they’re still going to have a great year and that there are new and exciting things they can look forward to.

Eliminate the Unknown

The reason why people resist change is fear of the unknown. Uncertainty leads to worries. When moving to a new place, everything is unknown and scary.

The first step to conquering this fear is to get familiar with the new surroundings.

If possible, go on a trip with your kids to the new school before they start classes. School administrators are often more than happy to arrange a tour of the school grounds. Visit the important places they need to know like the school gym, library, and classrooms.

This is also an excellent opportunity to teach them the route to and from school.

Foster Friendships

Having friends is one of the most treasured aspects of a child’s life. With friends, they’ll feel a sense of belonging and get encouragement to face challenges head-on.  

Before the big first day of school, it helps if your children already have friends that go to the same school. Among other things, establishing a relationship with your new neighbors gives your kids an opportunity to meet other kids who are also future classmates.

Don’t Pressure Your Kids

Adjusting to a new environment isn’t going to happen overnight. While you want them to get involved in school activities, make new friends, or join clubs, you don’t want to force them into anything.

These things, like all other aspects of life, take time.

During this period of adjustment, your children may show signs of not doing well at school. Their grades might dip because of the change in curriculum or teaching styles. Encourage them to remain positive and remind them that it will get easier with time.

Overcome the Challenges of Moving to a New School

While moving is a scary proposition for everyone, especially your kids, it also turns into a positive and rewarding experience. By realizing the challenges of moving to a new school, you can help your children adjust and blossom in this new environment.

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