5 Ways You Can Help Your Professional Movers on Moving Day

Wondering how to prepare everything before professional movers arrive for moving day? There are a few simple tasks that, once complete, will help assist your moving company.

Make the transition smooth by preparing all your belongings in advance. This reduces the time and effort it takes to load boxes onto the truck.

As soon as the moving truck arrives, be ready to direct your movers where to park and how to start the process.

If you’re wondering how to pack for movers, these five expert tips will make everything as stress-free as possible.

1. Pack Everything Before Movers Arrive

If you’re packing yourself, make sure all your belongings are ready to go when the movers arrive. Preparing your boxes in advance makes moving them onto the truck much faster.

If you have a full-service move planned, a professional mover will pack your belongings for you in advance. Remove artwork from the walls and unplug all your electronics beforehand to make the transition quick and easy.

If you’re moving in winter, take these extra precautions to help keep both your items and the movers safe.

2. Set Certain Items Aside

Remember to take everyday items with you in your vehicle or carry-on bag. These items include medications, cash, checkbooks, credit cards, and your driver’s license.

Depending on how long you will be without your belongings, these other essentials will make your experience more comfortable. Set these items aside so that the movers don’t accidentally pack them.

3. Label All Boxes

Reduce confusion on moving day by labeling each box. Make sure the contents and the room are well marked. This way, the movers know in which room to place the boxes.

Write “fragile” on any boxes that contain breakable items unless your professional movers pack for you. Consider color coding your boxes for an even easier move.

4. Don’t Make Boxes Too Heavy

You don’t want any items to fall through the bottom of your box. Overpacking results in heavy boxes that are difficult to carry and may fall apart.

Instead of filling one large box with too many items, use two medium-sized boxes. As an added precaution, double tape the bottom of heavy boxes.

5. Secure or Remove Drawers

If possible, remove the drawers from dressers and desks before the movers arrive. This makes your furniture lighter and easier to carry and prevents any items from spilling out during transportation.

If you can’t remove the drawers, wrap these pieces of furniture in moving blankets and secure them with plastic wrap. Check with your movers ahead of time to see what they prefer.

Moving Day Tips

Your professional movers will appreciate you taking the time and effort to make your move more efficient.

Don’t make your boxes too heavy and reinforce them if necessary. Secure or empty all drawers for the move to prevent hazardous shifting. And remember, labeling your boxes will help your movers find the right room to place your items in the new home.

As a bonus, you could provide refreshments for your professional movers such as water and snacks to keep them energized.

If you’re getting ready to move, request a quote from us to plan for the big day.