4 Family Moving Tips That Help Children Transition

The family moving process is always difficult. Moving with young children is an even greater challenge.

Living in a new house can be scary for kids, but there are plenty of ways you can help make it easier for them. You can even make it fun.

Here are 4 tips to help your children transition to a new home.

Preserve the Memories

Your home will always hold a special place in the heart of everyone in your family.

The happy memories of the home they know can bring your children peace during a transition.

You can help to preserve these memories by collecting photos of your children in each room. Include outside areas too, like the treehouse or the swing in the backyard.

Organize the photos into a scrapbook and give them to your kids. They’ll be comforting now and will serve as keepsakes when they’re older.

Get Them Involved

Moving to a new house is a big decision. Children, especially the older ones, may appreciate being part of the process.

Take them with you while house hunting. Let them see the houses and get their input. You can even give them an easy task like taking pictures.

The mind of a child can surprise you. They may see things you might not notice or ask questions that you didn’t think of.

When you make a decision on a house, print out pictures of the kids’ new bedrooms and give them markers. Let them plan how to lay out and decorate their new room.

Having a little bit of control can help make children happier and more confident. They’ll be more comfortable in their new environment knowing they helped choose it.

Make the First Night Fun

It’s important to start off a family’s time in a new home with a happy experience.

When you unpack, concentrate on the kids’ rooms first. The familiarity of their things will make them more comfortable. Unpacking toys and games will keep them entertained and happy while you work on other areas of the house.

Have a special family moving celebration dinner to mark the first night in the new house. Eating pizza and ice cream on the floor surrounded by boxes will be a fun memory for the whole family.

Transition your celebration dinner into family game night. Play your favorite board game or make a puzzle. If you think the house is safe enough, you can even play hide and seek to let the kids explore the house while having fun.

Help Yourself

Children are sponges. They watch you, learn from you, and do as you do.

It’s no surprise then that your mood affects your children. A stressed-out parent can lead to a stressed-out child.

If the moving process is driving you to the brink of a breakdown, your children will notice. It’s likely they’ll respond to the situation in the same way.

Moving is a scary process for young children. They look to their parents for emotional stability.

It’s important to help yourself stay stress-free during the family moving process. By extension, you’re helping your kids by being a happier, more patient parent.

Get Help with Family Moving

One way to help your children and yourself move to a new home is to hire professional movers.

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