Young woman lifting a heavy cardboard moving box with her moving essentials

Preparing a Moving Day Essentials Kit

Moving day is often chaotic. First, you move from your old home. Then, you arrive in your new home to find boxes everywhere. Preparing an essentials kit can make moving day much more manageable.

What is an Essentials Kit?

An essentials kit includes everything you’ll need in the first few hours, and possibly the first night or two, of your move. Typically, it’s the last box you pack just before the movers arrive. You’ll keep the box with you so that you can find and open it right away in your new home. The essentials box is vital for any move, but it is crucial for a long-distance one if the movers are delayed.

Some people opt for multiple essentials kits, for example, one for each room. One option may be to pack a general household essentials kit and then have each family member pack a personal essentials kit.

What Do You Put in an Essentials Kit?

Household Items

In the household essentials kit, you’ll pack those items that you’ll need right away in your new home. These include items necessary for cleaning and tidying as well as items for family comfort. Specifically, these items might include:

  • toilet paper
  • dish soap
  • clean bedding for each bed
  • unopened all-purpose cleaner
  • coffee pot or maker and coffee
  • toaster
  • items for one or two simple meals
  • bread and peanut butter and jelly
  • snacks
  • pet food and dishes
  • a set of cutlery, plate, and cup for each family member
  • shower curtain
  • garbage bags
  • tool kit and emergency kit
  • flashlight
  • documents, including those related to the move and personal documents such as passports and medical records for people and pets
  • a towel and washcloth for each person
  • a dish sponge, cloth, or dishmop
  • dust cloths and rags
  • mop, broom, and dustpan

Personal Items

Each family member will pack items that they will need for the first hours or few days, just as they would if they were going on a weekend trip. If you are moving with children, give them control over which toys and beloved objects they’d like to include in their essentials kit. Giving them control helps them adjust better to the move.

For each family member, items in the personal essentials kit might include:

  • a change of clothes, or more than one if the move is a long-distance
  • electronics and phones and chargers for all devices
  • pajamas or nightgowns
  • toiletries, including toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, razor and shaving cream, and face and body soap
  • medications, including prescription and over-the-counter
  • small items that may help you wind down, such as a book, meditation cushion, or yoga mat
  • cosmetics
  • beloved or valuable objects

Make Moving Day Easy

As a full-service moving company, we can help you think through what your family will need during those first few days after the move. Once you know your needs, you can pack essentials kits that will ensure you and your family have the items you need without having to open and rummage through several boxes.