garage with garage door open showing moving boxes stacked neatly on the far wall

Packing the Garage? 7 Tips to Make this Job Easier

Of all the rooms in the house, the garage can be one of the most difficult to pack. 

The garage is full of bulky items, containers of chemicals, tools, toys, forgotten seasonal decorations, and other miscellaneous items you didn’t know where else to stash. It also tends to be a dark and dirty place jammed with stuff making packing even harder. 

If you’re moving and have a full garage, this is one of the first places you should start packing. Here are some suggestions on how to tackle the garage when moving.

1. Clean off Yard Debris

Stuff in the garage tends to get very dirty, making unpacking challenging and messy work. Clean off yard debris from anything before it gets packed. This will help you avoid making a mess in your new garage when the time comes to unpack. 

To clean off yard debris, either use a microfiber rag to brush off dirt and loose pieces of grass or, if the weather permits, take non-electronic items out to the yard and wash them down with a hose. Let everything dry before putting it in a box.

2. Get Rid of Items on the “Non-Allowable” List

Whether you’re renting a truck and driving your stuff yourself — or using a moving company– there are likely items prohibited from being transported on the truck. Get rid of items on the “non-allowable” list

Call your sanitation company to determine what you should do about hazardous chemicals, leftover paint, old tires, and other substances that can’t go in landfills.

3. Put Bulky Tools in Their Original Box

Bulky tools can be hard to pack unless you’ve got the original box those items came in. Hopefully, you’ve been saving the boxes for your tools. If so, this is the time to get those boxes out and put the tools away! If the original boxes aren’t available, consult with your moving company for appropriate boxes and packing material.

4. Wrap Sharp Edges

Some garage tools have sharp edges – especially saws and sheers. Wrap anything that could cause an injury during the unpacking process. Use packing paper or packing tape to keep sharp edges protected.

5. Pack Your Bikes

Bikes can be tough to pack because they’re such an irregular shape. It’s helpful to use a bike box or a bike bag to pack up your bikes. This may involve some disassembly, so make a video of yourself taking apart the pieces so you’ll have no trouble putting the pieces back together when the time comes. Remember to keep all small parts in a labeled bag and put that bag inside the moving box.

6. Declutter Before Packing

Decluttering before packing is essential. Decluttering can reduce the cost of moving by limiting what you put in the truck. Start the decluttering process early to ensure that you’ve got enough time to get rid of everything – whether you’re planning to give it to charity, throw it away, or hold a garage sale.

7. Give Yourself Time!

Packing the garage can be time-consuming. Give yourself enough time to get the work done! Start packing up the garage as soon as you decide to move so that you won’t feel too much stress.

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