Moving? How to Help Your Child Make Friends at their New School

Moving to a new home comes with many challenges for the entire family. However, it can be especially stressful for your children.

Transitioning to a new school is one of the biggest struggles associated with moving. Your child may find it challenging to fit in and build a new social circle.

As a parent, this is something you can help them with. It just takes a little work. To help you out, we’re going over some tips on how to help your child make friends at a new school.

Get Them Involved

Sometimes children need extra help to get them interacting with kids their age. A great way to do this is by getting them involved in school activities.

If your child plays sports, encourage them to try out for a school team. Consider groups such as band, theater, or an academic club.

Talk to the school and find out what they offer. Then, sit down with your child and discuss their options.

Meet Some of the Parents

Getting to know some of the parents of your child’s classmates is very important. You can do this by attending PTA meetings or school events.

Forming relationships with other parents opens up opportunities for things like birthday parties and playdates. You should also seek out parents whose child has the same interests as yours.

Host Get-Togethers

It’s essential to facilitate your child’s social development once they start attending a new school. Let them know they’re free to have other students over to the house.

Allowing your child to spend time with other kids on a one-on-one basis will help them grow their friendships while at school. Once they make one friend, they’ll get introduced to other students, which allows them to grow their social circle.

If your child is hesitant to invite another student over, offer to host a party. This will give your child the chance to get to know other kids on their own turf.

Open Communication

If you suspect your child is having problems making friends, you need to speak with them about it. Remember, kids don’t always tell you how they’re feeling.

Let them know it’s fine to talk to you about other students and that you’re there to help. This is an excellent opportunity to ask them if anything is holding them back from making new friends.

If you discover a problem such as bullying, make sure you’re proactive about finding a solution.

Be a Good Role Model

You lead your children by example. Showing them how to be confident when meeting others will help them form relationships at school.

Take your child to meet the new neighbors. When doing so, make sure you’re kind, engaging, and positive.

It’s also important to encourage your child daily. Remind them of the qualities they have that make them likable.

Use These Tips for How to Help Your Child Make Friends

You must remember that it takes children much longer to adapt to new environments. However, with a little help, they’ll feel right at home in no time.

Use these tips for how to help your child make friends at school and watch them grow a strong peer group.

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