How to Transfer Schools When Moving: A Complete Guide

Changing schools is not only stressful for children, but it can also have serious emotional and even academic consequences.

Avoid adding to their load by getting organized early. When your children notice that you’re calm and confident, it helps to ease the transition.

It all starts with finding an excellent school that they’ll get excited about. Here’s what you need to know about how to transfer schools when moving.

You Could Avoid Changing Schools

If you’re moving across town, there’s a chance your children could stay in their current school. Large cities often have inter-district programs that allow children from several districts to attend one school.

Or, if you’re moving further away, you’ll need to enroll them in a new school.

How to Transfer Schools When Moving to Another District

Before you consider a new school, you need a new address. Unless you’ve already signed a lease or have bought a house, you’ll have carte blanche when it comes to schools in your area.

It’s well worth searching for a home in areas close to good schools if you have the choice.

Compare Your Options

Finding a new school for your children begins with searching for their best option. For some parents, academic amenities are key, while others also look for clubs, sports, and additional enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom.

Compare the available schools according to what suits your child best. You’ll find information about local school ratings by viewing their accountability reports on your district website.

Do the Paperwork

Once you’ve decided on a new school for your children, find out what they need to start the process. If this information is not available on the school’s website, call them to discuss their requirements.

Usually, you’ll need the following:

  •   Transfer slip from their original school
  •   Copy of their birth certificate
  •   Immunization records
  •   Proof of your new address
  •   Copy of their latest report card


Once you’ve collected the appropriate documentation, complete the school’s enrollment forms.

Easing into the Transition

Engage your kids in the moving process as much as possible. Take them along to visit the school and look at the facilities that are available beforehand.

Try to avoid changing schools mid-year. Moving to a new school is always easier at the beginning of the school year, or at least at the start of a new semester.

Get as much information from the school as possible. Let your child read through the school rules and dress code. Sign them up for any relevant extra-curricular activities ahead of time. This way, your child knows what to expect and is more prepared to start making friends quickly.

When school starts, get involved as a parent. Join the PTA or take advantage of other volunteer opportunities. This is an excellent way to meet other parents and show your child that you’re engaged and there for them.

On the Move

Figuring out how to transfer schools when moving is your first step in a smooth relocation. Get in touch and keep reading our blog for all the help you need to plan and arrange your next move.