Dine Out: 6 Best Restaurants in Hartford, CT

Whether you’re moving to Hartford, CT, or planning a visit, it helps to know about the local attractions beforehand. This is a beautiful, historic town with lots to offer, including excellent cuisine.

The food scene in Hartford is exceptionally diverse. You won’t have a problem finding a great burger or a five-star meal. You just need to know where to look.

To help you out, we’ve selected six top restaurants in Hartford, CT, you need to try.

1. Max Downtown

If you’re looking for an ideal place to meet for a business lunch or enjoy an upscale dinner, Max Downtown is a perfect choice. This Connecticut chain has a reputation for a high-class atmosphere and excellent American cuisine.

In addition to fantastic food, Max Downtown offers a wide range of cocktails. They also feature live music, which makes it a great place to host a private event or relax after a long work week.

2. Carbone’s

Fans of Italian food will love Carbone’s, a family-owned operation that’s been around since 1938. Back then, it was a chicken restaurant, but it started focusing on Italian cuisine in the 1960s.

Located in the neighborhood of South End, Carbone’s offers an intimate setting, perfect for a romantic date or cozy family dinner.

3. GoldBurgers

If you’re looking for a high-quality, no-nonsense burger joint, check out GoldBurgers. Here, you can get something inventive like a burger topped with pastrami or stick to a basic American cheeseburger.

GoldBurgers also serves hot dogs, veggie burgers, and sausage burgers. They source their ingredients locally and make it a point to focus on quality.

4. Black-Eyed Sally’s

Hartford has a great music scene, and Black-Eyed Sally’s is a perfect place to experience it. They also have a menu that explores the cuisine of the Deep South.

Black-Eyed Sally’s offers everything from brisket to New Orleans jambalaya. If you like jazz music, you can find some of Connecticut’s top talent performing there on Monday nights. 

5. ON20

When it comes to atmosphere and fine dining, ON20 may be the best choice in Hartford. Located on the 20th floor of a sky rise in the middle of the city, a table at ON20 offers a breathtaking view of Hartford and the Connecticut River.

The menu is a blend of traditional and modern fusion cuisine. ON20 has won several awards, including the 2013 Best of New England award for “Best Riverview Restaurant.”

6. City Steam

If you enjoy craft beers, City Steam won’t disappoint. They provide a wide selection of local beers and traditional American food.

Choose from classic burgers, steak, or something lighter like fish tacos. City Steam also offers beer and wine tastings regularly.

Check Out These Restaurants in Hartford, CT

If you’re in Hartford for the first time, tasting some of the local food is a must. Connecticut has a long history of excellent cuisine, and Hartford is a perfect example of it.

Use this list of restaurants in Hartford, CT, as a starting point and then branch out on your own.

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