hands packing cup in a moving box

Protect Fine China: How to Pack Dishes Before Moving Day

In any packing process, there’s a group of items that need special attention to make sure they get to the new house intact. Dishes, glassware, and delicate china are part of that group, as it is quite easy to scratch or even break them if you’re not careful.

Keep reading and learn how to pack dishes for your next move!

Which Type of Box Should You Choose?

The first thing to think about when packing breakable kitchenware like dishes is the type of box you should use.

The safest option is going for dish packs specifically designed to carry fragile items. These boxes look like the regular ones except they come with dividers for kitchen items and their walls have double the thickness, which guarantees better protection of its contents.

It’s important to mention that dish packs are slightly more expensive than regular boxes. However, you’ll find that the security they provide is worth the investment.

How to Pack Dishes and Glassware

There’s one thing you’ll need to pack all of your kitchen items, and that’s packing paper. Remember that the more paper you use, the better protected your dishes will be, so equip yourself with a good amount of it.

Once you have your paper, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Crumple Up Paper and Put It Inside the Box

This will work as a protective layer and will prevent any damage from happening when you put down the box somewhere. Try to go for at least six inches of paper.

Step 2: Layout of the Packing Paper

The easiest way to do this is on a big table or even on the floor—whatever large, empty, flat surface you have.

Step 3: Start Wrapping and Packing

You should wrap each item individually, use more than one layer of paper for particularly fragile ones (crystal glassware, for instance), and remember to put some crumpled paper inside glasses and bowls.

When it comes to packing, organize the items by category: dishes with dishes, bowls with bowls, and so on. This will help you stay organized as well as allow you to utilize the space in each box better.

Step 4: Add a Top Layer of Paper

To finalize, crumple up some more paper and add it on top of the wrapped items. Just like the bottom layer of paper, this will provide some more protection to the dishes and glassware.

3 Pro Tips to Remember

The process we just detailed will be sure to keep your kitchen items safe, but if you’d rather be safe than sorry, you can always follow these tips:

  • Before you start putting the dishes inside each box, tape the packing paper in place.
  • When packing, place the heaviest items on the bottom of each box.
  • Label each box on every side and mention that the contents are fragile.

No More Broken Dishes!

Preventing your kitchenware from breaking during a moving process is all about taking the time to make sure everything is packed correctly—and now that you know precisely how to pack dishes, that’ll be easier than ever.

If you’re planning to move soon, click here and request a free quote. We’ll be more than happy to help you move your things safely to your new home!