Bed in a bedroom with many moving boxes and clutter

How to Configure Your Bedroom for Ultimate R&R

Did you know one in three adults in America is not getting enough sleep? Sleep deprivation can have a lot of factors to blame, but one less-obvious factor may be the setup of your bedroom. Certain elements can make a drastic difference if you want your bedroom ready for rest and rejuvenation. Check out some ways to configure your bedroom as you get moved in to ensure it is as sleep-supportive as possible.

Tuck Away Your Electronics

Out of sight and out of mind is the best rule to follow regarding electronics in the bedroom. Electronics emit sounds and light, which can be disruptive to good sleep. Blue light emissions may even make it difficult for you to fall asleep. And having electronic devices within reach can mean you always have access to mental stimulation. Too much screen time can be a problem when getting to sleep.

Place the Bed at Center Stage and Make It Inviting

The bed is the room’s focal point and where you should feel most comfortable. Make sure you place your bed in an inviting spot in the room. Some suggest keeping the bed centered and as far away from windows. Do what you can to make the bed look comfortable, right down to adding throw pillows or blankets of your favorite textures and materials.

Keep Anything Out That Causes Anxiety or Stress

Inanimate objects can induce stress and anxiety. For example, maybe your closed laptop reminds you that you have a lot of work to do, or your purse reminds you of bills you need to pay. Or, perhaps a box of unpacked stuff makes you feel uneasy. So, as you configure your bedroom, try to keep the space simple and keep anxiety-inducing objects out of the room.

Use Area Rugs to Reduce Noise Levels From Below

If you are moving into a two-story home or an upstairs apartment, noise pollution can come from below just as it can from outside. To combat the noise from below, make use of an area rug. The more layers you can get between your bed and the lower floor, the more you can negate the noise. So, even if you already have carpet flooring in the bedroom, consider adding a complementing area rug to get that layer of noise protection.

Integrate Decor That Puts You at Ease

What makes you feel peaceful and comfortable? The more your bedroom offers these elements, the more it will support your efforts when you climb into bed to get some rest. Pick decorative pieces that bring you a sense of calm, whether a framed picture of a sandy beach or window treatments in soft colors. Maybe you enjoy being surrounded by images of your family on the nightstand. You may even feel comforted by a particular material, such as a silky pillow.

Need Help Getting Moved?

After a move, you will be ready for some rest and rejuvenation. But, with a bit of help throughout the process from professional movers, the process can be far less strenuous. Reach out to us to get a free moving quote for your residential relocation.