Man in plaid shirt with woman in white shirt and blue jeans kneeling over a moving box taking out things inside.

A Look at the Often-Overlooked Perks of Downsizing

Are you looking to move to a smaller home? If so, you are not alone. More people are interested in living conservatively and minimally. Many positives come along with the change. Check out some of the perks of downsizing.

Less Space Means Less Stuff to Move

One immediate perk of downsizing is having less stuff to contend with during your move. Before or as you pack, eliminate the items you won’t have room for. This can mean less associated moving costs, a quicker relocation overall, and less stress when you get to the smaller place. Set aside a day in your moving timeline when you can focus on getting rid of, throwing away, and donating all the items you don’t want to take with you.

Smaller Homes Are Less Expensive to Heat and Cool

The costs of heating and cooling have been rising for the last few years.  2021 brought along costs for home heating as much as 54 percent from the year before. The prices of heating and cooling have a lot of underlying affective factors, but the size of your home can be one of the biggest. If you move into a smaller space, you will probably see some savings on utility bills.

Reduced Clutter Equals More Peace of Mind

Sometimes clutter has a detrimental effect on your mental health. Clutter can contribute to:

  • Feeling stressed out
  • Having low energy levels
  • Feeling anxious about having visitors
  • Relationship issues within the family unit
  • Feeling rushed because you have a hard time finding things you need

Downsizing often forces you to let go of items in your home that you don’t necessarily need, which can mean far less clutter.

Less Required Time for Cleaning and Maintenance

Smaller homes don’t have as much floor space to cover when you pull out the vacuum, broom, or mop. You probably won’t have as many windows to clean, corners to tackle, or even toilets to scrub. If you live in a larger home that requires a lot of upkeep, you may be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can clean up a smaller place.

Less Money Needed for Interior Decor and Furnishings

The larger the home, the more money it takes to furnish it. You can invest thousands into making a house look like a home, from the furniture pieces to the decor. However, when you have fewer rooms to work with, furnishing a home is nowhere near as costly. Plus, you may be able to make a little money before your move by selling the furniture pieces and home decor you no longer need.

Trust Us for Moving Made Easy

In the face of moving into a smaller home, you may feel a little overwhelmed, but there are a lot of positives to downsizing. Need a little help with your residential move? Reach out to get a moving quote and get the process started.