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5 Ways to Give Your New Space Luxury-Level Appeal on a Budget

If you are fascinated by interior design, undoubtedly you have a few luxury-level inspiration homes. As fun as it can be to recreate luxury looks in home decor and design, this doesn’t always come cheap. Decking out a luxury living room can be anywhere from $24,000 to $55,000. However, when you move into a new home and prepare to decorate, you don’t have to overshoot your budget to create a home with luxury appeal. Check out these tips.

1. Pick a Hero Piece That Sets the Stage

In interior decorating, a “hero” piece is a singular item that acts as a focal point and influences the entire appeal of the room. In many cases, you can pick a luxury-level hero item, design around that item with low-cost decor and furnishings, and make a huge impression. For example, consider something like an expensive-looking area rug, a hand-carved coffee table, or even a luxury-level light fixture. You can often purchase these items at thrift stores and secondhand, and you can build a room around them that feels more expensive than what you paid.

2. Make Use of Dark Wall Hues

A little paint can be a budget-friendly way to give a room an entirely different personality. Dark walls exude luxury-level appeal, even if you don’t paint the entire space the same color. For example, a navy blue or charcoal wall makes all the decorative pieces and trim in the room stand out. It is not uncommon for luxury interior designers to pair dark walls with light-colored furniture and metallic finishes to make everything pop.

3. Work in Some Metallic Magic

Shiny metallic surfaces are something you will see in many luxury homes. Whether it is silver, stainless steel, bronze, brass, or copper, these finishes automatically add something extra that looks more expensive in a space. You don’t have to go all out with metallic finishes—a few small implements can do the trick. A few examples include:

  • Adding metallic vases or containers to a mantel or bookcase
  • Swapping out standard plumbing fixtures for more dramatic finishes in gold or bronze
  • Including window treatments with a flair of metallic fringe or a fancy curtain rod

4. Choose Something Artsy for the Space

Luxury homes usually have some artistic focal points. Artsy pieces can be just about anything. As long as the work is handmade and unique, it will make an impression. For example, consider wood or clay sculptures, a framed painting or painted canvas, or a hand-carved piece of furniture.

5. Integrate Complementary Textiles

Textiles are the soft surfaces in the room: the upholstery on the furniture, the curtains, the rugs. If you pay close attention to the textiles used in luxury homes, contrasting and complementary textiles are used a great deal. This may mean woven fabrics complement a woven rug on throw pillows, or silky drapes are paired with a single armchair with a similar upholstery. You can do the same in your rooms by focusing on more than one textile and keeping the choices complementary.

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