Everything You Need to Know About Moving With an Infant

First of all, congratulations! There is a newborn in the family, and a new home waiting for you and your loved ones. But we know what you are thinking: moving with an infant will be quite a struggle.

Moving with a baby requires organization and a good schedule. Here are some tips for moving with a baby in the family.

1. Maintain Your Baby’s Everyday Routine

All parents know that raising a baby requires consistency and a daily routine. For instance, there are specific napping and feeding schedules that are a challenge to maintain when you are moving.

However, try to keep the baby’s consistent routine as normal as possible. By doing so, your baby will feel secure even during a stressful situation like moving from one home to another.

2. Take a Couple of Days Off From Work

Moving with an infant will easily drain your energy. You have a schedule to maintain and dozens of boxes to fill. Any sane person would just argue that the most logical time to pack would be when the baby is sleeping.

However, loading boxes, the sound of the packing tape, and this whole process will most likely wake up the newest member of your family. Take a couple of days off from work and bring your child to childcare or a sitter so you have no interruptions while packing.

3. Help With Your Infant on Moving Day

The hectic hustle and bustle of moving boxes, furniture, and appliances out of the home on moving day will likely interfere with the baby’s routine. Seek the help of a family member or friend to take care of your little one on the day of your move.

If possible, have your baby out of the house in the quiet, safe surroundings of a caregiver’s home. This way, the baby will get more restful sleep, and you will stay focused on the move itself.

4. Create a Special “Baby Box”

Pack a box filled with essential items for your infant that you will need right away upon arrival in your new home. Some of the things to include:

  •    Bottles
  •    Formula/food
  •    Diapers
  •    Wipes
  •    Sleep Sack
  •    Clothes
  •    Bouncy seat
  •    Car seat
  •    Pajamas and more

By doing this, you won’t need to unpack everything just to find where you’ve put these necessities.

5. Set Up the Baby’s Room

The baby’s room should take top priority when you arrive at the new home. Take the time to unpack and set up this area first so that your infant has a place to sleep and be comforted.

6. Baby-Proof Your New Home

Conduct a deep clean of the new home before you move in. Take time to clean carpets, scrub the bathrooms, and clean the kitchen to make sure you are bringing your family into a clean environment. Hire professionals to help with the cleaning if your schedule with your new baby and the moving process is too tight.

As soon as you move in, begin to baby-proof your new place. Remove potentially dangerous packing materials, including plastic bags and scissors.

Secure furniture, check cords of window blinds, use safety gates, and cover electrical outlets. Take the time and read this Safety Guide provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for additional safety ideas.

Professionals May Help

When you are moving with an infant, the pressure may sometimes feel overwhelming. Luckily, we are here to pack your things, move them to your new home, and help put your mind at ease.

If you have a long-distance move, again, you don’t need to worry. We even offer online tracking services, so you know where your belongings are at all times! Click here and get a quote today!