Avoid Being a Victim of Mover Fraud. What to Do if You Already Are.

Reputable movers conduct the overwhelming majority of household moves in the United States. According to recent numbers from the U.S. Government, about 1.6 million interstate moves are correctly handled each year.

However, this is little consolation if you are one of the estimated 3,000 movers who are possible victims of moving fraud.

While fraud in the moving industry is very rare, there are ways to reduce your risk even further.

Ask for references. Reputable movers take pride in their service and have customers who are happy to be a reference. Ask for a few references, and contact them about their experience.

Research the interstate movers’ license. The US DOT,  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains an online database of licensed interstate movers. The FMCSA records show you who is licensed and any issue for individual interstate movers. For each mover you are considering, check the FMCSA records.

Meticulously review moving estimates. Low bids are not, by themselves, indicative of fraud. However, low bidding is a tactic that some fraudulent movers will use to lure in victims.  When you compare estimates from different movers, be sure you are clear as to why there are differences between the movers.

What if you’ve already moved and you believe you are a victim of fraud? http://www.moverescue.com/ provides consumers with information and resources to seek remedies for mover fraud. From helpful FAQs to a helpline you may call to be connected to lawyers who specialize in helping victims of moving fraud, Mover Rescue is a terrific resource for consumers who need assistance.

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