7 Sneaky Packing Hacks Guaranteed to Make Moving Easy

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events along with the death of a loved one, job loss, illness, and divorce. With a little planning, moving will be a little less stressful.

No matter how delighted you are to move, packing up your stuff is rarely fun. Luckily, these seven sneaky packing tips will make moving easy and ensure everything arrives as good as new.

1. Pack by Room and Color Code

Do one room at a time! Assign each room a different color for quick box identification. Make sure you keep a log of what color you have assigned to each room.

2. Make Lists

This may seem tedious, but lists are a great way to keep track of everything in your home and what you need to do.

When it’s time to pack a box, keep track of all its contents on your list. Number each of the boxes, then write down the numbers and list all the contents of every box.

You may then refer to your list and know what box to track down if you are looking for something.

3. Pack Heavy Items in Rolling Suitcases

Rolling suitcases are perfect for bulky items like books, photos, secured pictures, and shoes.

Wheels make moving them so much easier than lifting those heavy boxes.

4. Make a First Night Box

Make a special box of stuff you will need for your first night. Things you could include in this box:

  •    Change of clothes
  •    Toiletries
  •    Cups
  •    Plates
  •    Coffee
  •    Snacks
  •    Basic medicines

Having this box readily available will alleviate the pressure of finding stuff after moving all day.

5. Use All the Space

Use other belongings to help pack since you are already moving them. These items include:

  •    Laundry baskets
  •    Coolers
  •    Hampers
  •    Baskets
  •    Suitcases
  •    Totes
  •    Drawers

You may even conserve boxes this way!

6. Use Towels and Clothes to Cushion

Wrap your dishes, picture frames, and other breakables in towels. You may also use paper plates between dishes to help prevent them from breaking.

Use bubble wrap for mirrors and find the box that fits the best.

Stuffed animals and extra pillows also make great stuffers for added padding.

7. Take Photos and Notes of Cords

All those cords may be a nightmare to figure out. Take pictures of all the cords and what electrical devices they belong to.

You may then get your TV, DVD player, and gaming system up and ready more quickly. Don’t forget to label the cords for appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

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