Blonde woman holding a clipboard checklist and pen standing next to man looking over her shoulder both leaning against moving boxes

Essential Checklist for a Successful Moving Day

The day of relocation is usually a hectic one. On your moving day, you’ll probably wake up early, start working almost immediately, and you won’t go to bed until late. In between your waking and sleeping hours, you’ll have a lot to get done. In fact, it may be so much that you might forget some things that you need to accomplish! Writing down what you need to do can help you stay on track.

Here are a few things that you might miss, so include them on your moving day checklist.

1. Clean Both Properties

You need to clean your current home before you can turn it over to the new owner or back to your landlord. Set cleaning supplies aside to make cleaning easy. Your moving company may limit the types of cleaning supplies you can pack on their truck. So when you complete the cleaning, plan to put your cleaning supplies in your car for transport to your new home. 

 Once at your new home, you may want to clean again. Find out from the new landlord or the home seller if they plan to clean the property before you arrive.

2. Take Time to Say “Good-bye”

You had some good times in your old house and your old neighborhood. Take time to remember the good times. If you have kids, walk through each room together, talking about memories of your home. This will help you and your kids say “good-bye” to your property. If you’re close to your neighbors, take time to tell them you’ll miss them, or give them your new contact information if that seems appropriate.

3. Lay Down Carpet Protection

If you’ve hired professional movers, they’ll very likely use their own carpet protection mats to protect your floors. However, if you’re moving items into your car or a truck without help from movers, then you’ll need to provide your own flooring protection. Buy some tarps or cheap plastic runners to get the job done.

4. Pack Your Essentials Box and Plants Separately

As you are packing, create an essentials box with the things you’ll need when you arrive at your new home. Your essentials box should contain things like pajamas, toiletries, medications, and so on.

Label it as “Essentials,” and keep your essentials box separate from your boxes and other moving items on moving day. Put your essentials box in your car first thing, so you’ll have access to it at the end of the day when it’s time to get ready for bed. Pack your plants in your vehicle at the same time – very likely, your movers will not allow your plants in the moving truck.

5. Prioritize Safety with Children and Pets

Do you have children or pets? They’ll both need to be kept safe during your relocation. Give your kids something to do, out and away from where the movers will be working. If you own a pet, put them in a safe, contained room with a sign on it before the movers arrive. Or, ask a friend or neighbor to watch your pet while the relocation is taking place.

Make Moving Day Easier

It’s easier to focus on remembering what you need to do if you’re working with a reputable moving company. To get started with your upcoming relocation, call us today for a price quote.