Ditch the Clutter: How to Downsize Your Home for a Move

Downsizing your home is the obvious choice for most adults once the kids have left home. In fact, homebuyers looking for a smaller home make up 12% of the real estate market.

The problem is, you’ve probably got decades of clutter that simply has no place in your new streamlined lifestyle. Here’s how to downsize and declutter for a fresh start.

Downsize and Declutter With Less Stress

Moving is anxiety-inducing enough without the added difficulty of letting go of things you love. Save yourself some heartache by getting started early.

That way, you’ll get accustomed to the idea of living lighter before you hit the road.

Last-minute decluttering efforts are a bad idea. You’ll either end up throwing out something important or nothing at all.

You need time to find a new home for your unwanted goods or a way to recycle them. If you’re selling some of your stuff, it could take a while to find a buyer. You can’t move out and leave everything behind.

No matter how much you’re dreading downsizing your home, don’t keep putting it off. Not only is clutter unsightly, but it’s also bad for your health!

Sort It All Out

As you go room to room, group items according to function. You’ll probably find that you have duplicates of several items. Donate the ones gathering dust in the back of the drawer to a charity shop or a friend in need.

If you’re moving to a much smaller house, you need to be ruthless about how much furniture you can take along. It makes sense to sell your extra TVs and any furniture that won’t have a place in your new home.

Holding a garage sale is a good solution for getting rid of unwanted goods quickly.

You can use the cash to replace them with smaller versions.

It’s not only the large items that need to go, either. Counter and cabinet space will be more restricted in a smaller house. Go through all your small appliances and get rid of the ones you hardly use.

When last did you bake bread or make ice cream from scratch? If it was more than six months ago, say goodbye to these space-hogging items.

Now is the time to be honest with yourself about those clothes in your closet. If you haven’t worn them in a year, you probably aren’t going to. Clothing is one of the best things you can donate to a worthy cause.

Consider a Storage Unit

Chances are there will be some items that you simply can’t part with, but also can’t accommodate in your new home. Large, old-fashioned heirloom furniture is unlikely to fit into a compact modern condo and can be challenging to sell.

Placing these big sentimental items in a storage unit means you’ll have time to find a buyer who appreciates them. There’s also a chance that a family member might find space for them in a new home down the line.

More Tips for Moving On

The most common reasons for downsizing are retirement, financial, or health-related reasons. Whatever your reasons for downsizing, a professional moving company makes the transition a lot easier.

Keep browsing our blog for extra tips on how to downsize and declutter your home for a stress-free relocation.