Here Comes the Sun: Planning A Summer Garage Sale Before A Move

Maybe you’re looking to downsize to a smaller house. Perhaps you’re moving across the country and need to lighten your load. Or, you’re just looking for a fresh start.

There are lots of great reasons to have a summer garage sale. However, if you’re moving soon, you also need to make sure your garage sale doesn’t add stress to your moving anxiety.

Here’s what you need to know to prepare for a summer garage sale.

Inventory Your Possessions

Once you’ve set a date, create an inventory of your possessions.

Just like a store, this will help you keep track of everything you have and help you stay organized once the garage sale starts.

As part of your pre-move decluttering process, go through each room one at a time. Place old and unused items in a box. As you go, check the condition and usability of each item.

Clean the items as you review them. They are more likely to sell if they are in a good, clean condition. So, dust off the knick-knacks and wash all clothing.

Generally, the more items you have to sell, the better off you’ll be. People are more likely to stop at your sale if it looks like you have a good inventory and selection.

Gather Supplies and Price Your Items

Make sure you have stickers, tags, and tape to attach prices to each item.

Clearly price your inventory. Leave plenty of room for haggling and be ready to strike a deal. Your goal is to sell out your unwanted items and avoid having to haul all your old stuff over to the charity donation bin.

Determine what you need to display your merchandise. Do you need tables, chairs, and blankets to spread out toys? How about boxes to show off books? If you have a lot of clothes, a garment rack is a good idea.

Plan to have cash on hand to make change during the sale.

Do Your Homework

Do a little research before hosting your garage sale.

For example, does your town require a permit before you can have a sale? Do you need to inform your homeowner’s association?

If you’re trying to sell your house at the same time, it may be wise to host the sale at a neighbor’s house (if they’re willing, of course). This will keep your home tidy and clear for any potential showings.

Get the Word Out

Use social media, local newspaper ads, apps, yard signs, and word of mouth to let people know about your garage sale.

Make sure you include complete information about the event including dates, times, and location.

Garage Sale to Prep for Moving

Are you having a summer garage sale to prepare for an upcoming move?

If so, you want to make sure all your ducks are in a row. The best place to start is with a great moving company. That’s where we come in. Click here to get a free quote.