Mom with two young girls holding moving boxes in a rental home.

Trouble Finding a Rental? Check Out These Tips!

The uptick in real estate costs has forced a lot of prospective homebuyers to consider renting. However, some sources claim we may face a significant rental crisis in some cities. This makes rental homes a little harder to come by. If you’re having trouble finding a rental home to move to, here are some tips to help with your search.

1. Contact Local Real Estate Companies

In some areas, local real estate companies own many rental properties. And some realtors will lease property temporarily or on a short-term lease to keep a property turning a profit until it sells. If you haven’t done so already, take the time to call a few agencies and ask if they have any rentals available or can offer any insight.

2. Expand Your Search Efforts to Neighboring Cities

The average number of rental homes varies from place to place. Some locations have only a handful of rental properties, but this doesn’t mean things will be the same in neighboring zip codes. If you have difficulty tracking down a rental in your most preferred area, search outside the city limits and neighboring counties. Expanding your search efforts by just a few miles can make a significant difference.

3. Drive Around

Not every landlord or property owner does a good job marketing their vacant properties. Some owners will simply post a sign in the yard or window and wait for someone to notice. And, occasionally, you may even see a property when it is being vacated or see an empty place and track down the owner about renting it. If you’re not finding a rental by other means, hop in your car and visit some areas where you know rental properties are located.

4. Post an Ad on Social Media

Social media can quickly get the word out that you’re looking for a rental. This is especially true if you have a relatively large network of friends and relatives. Also, check out neighborhood classifieds and community groups to see if posting a rental-wanted ad is allowed. Pay attention to other posts in these groups because they are also often frequented and used by landlords looking to rent a vacant property.

5. Consider Subletting When Possible

Subletting is an option in some cities, but not with all properties. When you sublet or sublease, you rent a property or portion of the property from an existing tenant who already has a lease. To be a sublet tenant, you must abide by the lease terms the current tenant has already agreed to. And you may also be paying more for the property than usual. If you’re getting down to the wire with no luck finding a standard rental, it may be worth checking out if sub-leasing options are available.

When you find your rental, we can help with moving!

Once you’ve found a place to rent and nailed down the details, moving is the next big step. That’s where our team of professional movers can help. Reach out today to get a free moving quote to get started.