4 Downsizing Tips: Moving From a House to an Apartment

Each year, over 11 percent of the citizens in America move to a new home or apartment.

Are you exhausted from the upkeep that comes with owning a large home? If so, downsizing to an apartment is the best bet.

Before you embark on the journey of finding a new apartment to rent, you’ll need to figure out how to downsize the number of possessions in your current residence. Attempting to move into a smaller space with too many things will lead to clutter and frustration.

The following are some great downsizing tips to follow when making the move to a smaller apartment.

1. Planning Ahead Is a Must

Putting off the downsizing process will only lead to more problems in the future. The longer you put off culling the items in your existing home, the more stress you will ultimately have to deal with.

Starting the downsizing process as many months in advance as you can will make a big difference. With this head start, you will figure out what to keep and what to give away or put into storage.

2. Know Your Lifestyle Needs

The last thing you want to do when moving to a smaller apartment is to take possessions that won’t fit.

Things like oversized furniture and larger electronic components will need to be sold or put into storage. While it may be challenging to part with these possessions at first, it wil all be worth the temporary anguish you feel.

If you rent a storage facility, make sure you choose one that is both reasonably priced and secure. Take time to visit each of the storage facilities in your area to figure out which one is the ideal fit for your needs.

3. Make Sure the Items You Bring Serve a Purpose

Merely bringing along possessions for sentimental reasons is a bad idea if you want to declutter and downsize.

Before you pack a possession, you need to think about what purpose it serves. If you find no logical reason to keep an item, get rid of it.

The more “stuff” you hang on to, the harder you will find it to settle into your new living space.

4. Getting an Objective Opinion Is a Great Downsizing Tip

Are you finding it challenging to decide what you need to bring to your new smaller living space?

Consulting with a family member or trusted friend is a great way to solve this problem. Getting an objective view on whether or not you really need a particular item is extremely helpful.

After you hear the opinion of your friend or family member, you’ll start to look at the decisions objectively as well.

Hiring Professionals Makes Moving and Downsizing Easier

Instead of shouldering the burden of moving on your own, hiring a moving service is a great solution. These professionals may offer you downsizing tips in addition to packing up all your things.

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