A holme made yard sale sign with an arrow pointing toward a yard.

5 Yard Sale Tips Before You Move

Before you move, you might consider having a yard sale. But, even if you have had yard sales before, this one will feel different right before a household move.

Yard sales right before a move require extra preparation. You’re already busy and may have other stresses to deal with. With these tips, you can avoid the most common problems.

1. Choose the Right Time

First, you need to choose the right time for the yard sale. You don’t want to schedule it so far out that you haven’t sorted anything yet. And you also don’t want to schedule it a few days before the move.

Pick a time that’s well into the packing phase but not too close to moving day. If you can, give yourself a range of possible dates across a couple of weekends. That way, you can take advantage of good weather.

2. Partner With Your Neighbors

Yard sales are only worthwhile if you ca2n sell your stuff. But, sometimes, you have a lot of clutter that no one wants. And in that case, you’ll need to get creative.

Make signs to draw attention to the yard sale. If you can, ask your neighbors if they want to participate.

Multiple sales going on at the same time on the same street will draw more attention. You’ll definitely get a visit from the ones who go to yard sales for business or hobbies.

3. Be Realistic About Prices

Yard sales before moving have two functions. The first is to get rid of extra stuff. The second is to earn you a little bit of money for your effort.

Of course, if you’re not realistic about the prices, you may not be able to sell much at all.

To make the yard sale practical, list prices a bit lower than you might otherwise. Also, be willing to haggle or offer deals on multiple items.

4. Consider Hosting Multiple Sales

If you have a lot of belongings, multiple sales might be a good idea. That way, you can clear out some of the excesses at the beginning and follow up again at the end.

Just be careful about overextending yourself. Too much work may not be worth the money you get from hosting the sale. If it doesn’t make sense to do a second one, you can do something else.

5. Make a Plan for The Leftovers

Once you finish, you’ll probably have a handful of items left. The last thing you want is to have to bring it all with you. So you’ll need to have a plan to get rid of the garage sale leftovers.

Many charities are happy to pick up items that you don’t want. Research their rules so that you know which items they can’t take.

If all else fails, consider tossing some of it. If the items are old or in poor condition, they are likely to end up there anyway.

Yard sales are standard before a move, but that doesn’t make them easy. These tips help. For more information about how you can have a smooth moving experience, request a quote today.