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Exploring Your New City On Foot: Five Tips For Getting Acquainted With Your New Neighborhood

When you arrive in your new city, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You may be getting ready to start a new job or working on getting your kids settled into their new school. While taking care of day-to-day, practical things are a significant part of getting comfortable in your new home, it’s also essential to take some time out to explore your new city on foot, one step at a time. So check out these walking tips for getting to know your new area while boosting your mood and getting in a solid workout.

1. Use an App

When you’re in a new environment, it can be easy to get turned around, unsure of how to get back home. So be sure to have your phone pre-loaded with an app like Strava or Runkeeper to help you keep track of where you’ve been — and to take a look at where you’re going. You’ll also be able to look at previous routes, allowing you to make sure you cover new ground each time you set out to explore.

2. Have a Destination in Mind — But Take Your Time

You might want to check out the little diner down the road or hike through a nice path near your home, but don’t be afraid to take a squiggly line to your destination instead of a straight one. Notice remarkable sights along the way, and if something piques your interest, slow down to explore.

3. Invite a New Friend

Ready to connect with some people in your area? Inviting someone to go for a walk with you is a great way to start building your new circle of friends. Ask them to suggest a place to go to get some fresh air or explore an area that’s unfamiliar to them as a pair.

4. Park and Walk

If your home is in an area that doesn’t easily lend itself to walking, no worries —you can still get to know your new city on foot. Park your car in your downtown area or local park, and take some time to enjoy your surroundings. Be sure to take a picture of the cross streets if you park in a downtown area — there’s nothing worse than heading out to explore and not being sure how to get back to your car.

5. Forget the Earbuds

Sure, it’s fun to zone out with your favorite music when you’re getting some exercise, but try to resist the urge when you’re getting to know your new surroundings. While walking, take in the sounds and focus on everything there is to love about your new community. Keeping your ears free can also make it easier to chat with neighbors who are also out and about.

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