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The Brief Guide That Makes Labeling Boxes for a Move Simple

Packing is by far the most time-consuming piece of the moving process. It might take you a week or possibly two to pack up all of your things. Your packing techniques will impact how easy it is for you to unpack. 

That’s why organizing when packing is necessary for a successful move. Seemingly insignificant details, like labeling boxes, can have a major impact on the success of your move.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to label your boxes. 

Invest in Quality Markers

Labeling boxes before your move works much better with good quality permanent markers. Thick, bold lines show up better on the cardboard and make unloading and unpacking easier. 

Make sure to get waterproof markers just in case it is raining when you move. If possible, get up to five different colored markers to create a color-coded system for labeling boxes.

Use Labels

Labels on your moving boxes will save you time and make your move more efficient.

You can either download and print packing labels or buy them from your local moving company. These labels will have various rooms pre-printed on the stickers.

Create a Color-Coded Box System

Color-coding your boxes according to each room is a great way to keep your move organized.

Start by assigning each room in your new home a color — for example, purple for the kitchen, red for the bathroom, etc. Then use the colored markers or colored tape to specify where each box belongs. Be sure to put a colored paper on the doors of each room at the new house. 

This simple step will let your movers know exactly where to put each box.

Give Each Box a Number or a Priority

One of the best tips for labeling boxes is to number each box as you pack. This helps you ensure that all your boxes make it to the new location. 

You can also make a master list and write down what is inside each numbered box. Then, at the new place, you can unpack systematically by opening the boxes that have the items you need first.

Another option instead of numbering the boxes is to give each box a priority. You can write “H” for high, “M” for medium, and “L” for low.

Items with an “H” on them should be unpacked right away. Boxes marked “L” can be items that can stay packed for a long time. Things like photo albums and memorabilia tend to fall into this category. 

Label Boxes on Multiple Sides

You will save a lot of time on moving day by labeling your boxes on all four sides. Your movers won’t have to turn boxes around to know where they belong

This method allows you to get information about each box even when they are stacked on top of one another. 

Cover Old Markings   

The final tip for labeling boxes is to ensure you cover previous writing and labels. This only applies if you are using second-hand boxes. 

Pre-existing labels or writing is confusing, both for you and your movers. Attach your new labels over old ones or tape over the previous marks.

You’re Ready for Your Move

We hope this article will help make your moving day a success. The MEYER Household Moving team can take care of your move with the superior care and consideration you deserve. Request a quote today.