Cell phone graphic against red backroung with notes and a moving box

5 Gadgets That Can Make Moving Easier

Have you ever stopped to wonder about gadgets that can streamline your moving experience? We generally think of wrapping fragile items, boxing others, and deadlifting heavy furniture onto a truck. Those ideas don’t exactly conjure up images of smart technologies and old-school innovation.

However, technology and cool gadgets influence many of the ordinary things we do daily. From smartphones to voice-activated devices that look up information and play our favorite music, we are immersed in gadgets. Here are some unique ones that can make moving easier.

1: Tracking Devices to Keep Pets Safe

Keeping beloved pets safe and secure during the moving process presents a significant challenge. Efforts to assign someone in your orbit to watch after the family pet or pets often prove stressful. Distractions and strangers carrying out belongings disrupt a pet’s universe. Family pets can get underfoot or wander off while you aren’t looking. Pet trackers such as Cube and others employ technology that allows you to know precisely where your furry friend is at all times by looking at your phone.

2: Lifting Straps For Your Forearms

Moving heavy items often requires people to bend and hoist things off the ground awkwardly. Forklift lifting straps work by fastening a type of harness to your shoulders and forearms. The straps form an “X,” and two people partner to lift things that might otherwise be too heavy. Although lifting oversized loads is not a sensible idea, straps lighten any task.

3: Smart Moving Checklist On Your Phone

The smartphone remains perhaps the single-most handy gadget ordinary people access regularly. Given that you will likely have yours handy throughout the process download a moving checklist. You can find plenty of solid options online that include the following to-dos.

  • Call Moving Companies for Quotes
  • File Change of Address with Post Office
  • Schedule Utility Change-Overs
  • Transfer Prescriptions and Medical Records
  • Gather Packing Supplies & Boxes

These organizational resources can sometimes be integrated into your phone’s calendar and provide alerts. An electronic moving checklist helps avoid things falling through the cracks.

4: Portable Outdoor Security Camera Prevents Theft

One of the sometimes undervalued aspects of moving involves security. Your valuables will be in transition, with some inside the home, others on the front lawn, and still more inside a moving van. It’s impossible to keep track of all these moving parts. Strategically placed outdoor security cameras allow you to watch and record the events. Should a nefarious individual decide to walk off with a box, they won’t get away with it. Outdoor security cameras use innovative technology and are portable devices that don’t require an electrical outlet.

5: Furniture Dolly Keeps Things Rolling

The furniture dolly remains a trusted gadget that uses four wheels and boards to take pressure off your back. This underused item allows people to set down heavy boxes at the door’s threshold and roll them to their final destination. Professional moving companies use dollies to reduce back and shoulder stress. They tend to be relatively inexpensive and make moving much more manageable.

Moving With Ease

These clever gadgets will make your moving experience seamless and enjoyable. If you have concerns about heavy items or logistical challenges, contact an experienced moving professional. We can help with all your moving needs.