How to Move By Yourself
28 May

How to Move By Yourself

When people move, they often call in friends and family members to help. But what do you do if it’s all on you? Is it even possible to move by yourself?

Moving without help is tricky, especially since you don’t get assistance in figuring out what to keep and how to pack.

Fortunately, there are a few tips that will make it easier. Here’s what you can do.

Pace Yourself

Packing usually takes longer than people expect. You’ll need even more time if you’re doing it alone.

It’s not just that having a helper doubles your effort. It’s also that two or three people can help encourage each other to continue.

Packing by yourself might take more than twice as long. It’s still wise to give yourself the time. That way, you avoid burning out or running out of time to prepare for life in your new location.

Create an Evaluation Room

A second person can help you sort through items and determine what you want to move. By yourself, you’ll need more time to evaluate.

Try creating an evaluation room. Designate one room of the house where you can stage belongings you’re not sure about. Give it a few days and see what you think.

If you’re trying to declutter and thin out your stuff, extra time may work wonders. With a clear head, you might feel more comfortable letting things go.

Consider Hiring Professional Packers

Of course, you could bypass a lot of this hassle by hiring professional packers. Adding a little extra to your moving budget might be enough to cover it.

Not sure when to hire packers to move your home? If you don’t have the time or you worry about hurting yourself, having someone do the packing may be ideal.

The best part is that packers can do in hours what might take you weeks of spare time. That way, you can focus on preparing to relocate.

Be Realistic About Lifting

As a general rule, you should not plan to lift anything bigger than you. Most people would struggle to lift or carry something their own size.

Be careful about moving furniture or large appliances. Most of them need at least two people to carry them. The concern isn’t just weight–it’s also bulk. You may need a furniture or appliance dolly if you really can’t find someone to help.

Find a Reliable Moving Company

Unless you are moving to a furnished residence and only need to pack your bags, you probably need to choose a reliable moving company. The good news is that there are lots of options.

It’s wise to get a quote from several moving companies. Ask about services, especially things like packing or temporary storage. The process will make it easier to select a business and schedule a date.

Movers Help Get It Done

Moving by yourself is usually more complicated. When you give yourself extra time and take advantage of professional assistance, you can save the hassle and your aching back. Contact us for a price quote on professional moving services in your area. We can help ease the hassle of moving on your own.




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