Moving? Your Essential Home Address Change Checklist

Moving is already such an extensive process. Your to-do checklist is probably a mile long, and there’s a good chance you don’t want to add to that.

One aspect of that checklist you might not think about until it’s too late is updating your address. It’s a simple step, but the reality is there are a lot of people, businesses, providers, and more who need to know your new location.

It will make your transition much smoother if you notify others of this change sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at a comprehensive address change checklist!

The Post Office

The most crucial (and arguably easiest) step to take in changing addresses is contacting the post office.

It’s rather simple to do this through the United States Postal Service website. Their online address change service will allow you to forward all your incoming mail from your old address to your new address.

You can set the date when you want the forwarding service to begin, so if you’re wondering when to change address with suppliers, consider changing it right away. Also, be aware that the USPS will ask for a credit or debit card and will charge you $1 for verification purposes.

Utility Companies

The post office may be the easiest place to start, but your utility companies are probably the most important. Contact the following companies:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Trash

Think of all the daily utilities and services you are provided every day and make sure to contact them well in advance of your move to make a smooth transition.

You will also need to do a little research into the area you’re moving to. Different utility companies may be providing these services, even if you’re not moving that far away from your old address.

Phone, Internet, and Cable

Utilities are a necessity, but today, internet and cable, are equally as important for people in their daily lives.

We may not need these services to survive, but a majority of people in this day and age require a digital connection for their careers and beyond.

Bank and Credit Card Companies

Next, you will want your address to be up-to-date with your bank and credit card companies. This will be especially true if you do a lot of online shopping, as you’ll be required to use the correct billing address when making purchases.

Even still, your bank may need to communicate with you by mail or ship new cards and information.

Loan and Insurance Providers

Be sure to contact dental insurance, health insurance, car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance providers. Also, notify lenders for student loans and other personal loans of your address change.

Your Employer

Finally, inform your employer of your changing address. Even if your paychecks are automatically deposited to your bank account, this will still be important for tax purposes and other official correspondence.

Making Sense of the Address Change Checklist

There is probably a long list of duties continually scrolling through your head as you prepare to move. You don’t want to add to that, but knowing who to contact for an address change is essential.

Hopefully, this address change checklist gives you a good guide to follow. Before your move, try to write down all the people and services who have your address on file. You may forget about them quickly, so make a note of each as soon as you think about them!

If you need any help regarding your upcoming move, or would just like some more tips and advice, feel free to contact us right away!