Essential Moving Supplies Every Family Needs

In 2015, 83% of Americans who moved stayed within the same state.

Whether you’re moving within your state or around the world, moving day is stressful. Trying to do it without the right materials is even more difficult.

In addition to boxes of various sizes and a few large rolls of packaging tape, here are some other things that will make your day go much smoother.

Read on to learn about the essential moving supplies every family needs!

Cleaning Supplies

Moving is dirty work. Make it easier on yourself by cleaning your furniture before you start moving it.

Take this opportunity to wipe down all sides and the bottoms of items you don’t normally have access to.

Clean up after yourself at your old place and make sure the new place is fresh and ready to be lived in.

Tape Measure and Other Tools

While you prepare your moving supplies for the last day at your current home, make sure your toolbox is handy. Some basic tools such as a tape measure and screwdrivers are helpful when moving day comes.

A tape measure is useful for measuring the size of new rooms, comparing them to old ones, and determining how to arrange furniture.

You can also use it to measure items as you arrange them for packing in the truck.

Screwdrivers are practical in case you need to remove legs from a couch or take apart another piece of furniture. Make sure you hold onto screws. Put them in a small plastic bag and label it.

Markers for Labeling

Some other items to add to your list of moving supplies will help you figure out what’s in each of the dozens of boxes you’ve packed.

Decide if you’re going to color code boxes based on what room they belong to and buy an assortment of bold colored markers or a Sharpie to write with.

Mark down 3-5 of the items that are in the box and what room they belong in.

Don’t forget either labels or masking tape to give you something to write on if you’re using plastic totes.


It’s important to protect your hands, so don’t forget to buy a pair of gloves when you’re getting moving supplies.

But don’t just pick any gloves. Choose the right gloves designed for the job. These should help you grip items without them slipping from your hands.

The Most Important of Your Moving Supplies Is a Plan

One of the most important things you need isn’t a physical item. It’s a well-thought-out plan for how your move is going to take place.

Make a plan for how you’re going to pack small items, pad larger items, and carry furniture too big for one person.

You need to pack boxes and furniture in an order that makes sense for how you want to unload them.

Your new home might not be as big as the old one, so make sure all of your belongings are going to fit before you try to stuff them all in there. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide if you’re going to get rid of something.

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