Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Move Professional for Your Relocation

Hiring a professional mover has benefits you don’t realize you need until you find yourself standing among 100 boxes on moving day.

Beyond doing the heavy lifting, movers make the entire process seamless by using professional standards to inventory, pack, and transport your possessions.

Make your move efficient by hiring an expert. Here’s how hiring a pro makes a difference.

1. Professional Inventories

The key to a smooth transition from your old home to a new one is knowing where your most essential items are. A professional inventory provides a list of all your objects and even notes what box and truck each of your items travel in.

By choosing a professional mover, you know everything made it to where it needs to go.

2. Protecting Your Possessions

Moving heirlooms, furniture, and your favorite kitchen equipment requires know-how that comes almost exclusively through professional experience.

Professional movers pack boxes, crates, and vans in a way that protects your investments—both old and new—to safeguard the contents of your home and your time.

3. Extra Moving Equipment

A few bungee cords and a pick-up truck might have served you when moving in and out of a college dorm, but moving your first home requires more help and support.

Professional movers bring with them a range of equipment: dollies, ramps, and straps to safely and efficiently move every box without risking injury or breakage. They also have the equipment and expertise to move bulky or awkwardly-shaped items. Then, everything rides in a truck with air-ride features to prevent any shifting or impact damage on the road.

4. Knowing the Cost – Upfront

Trying to move on your own means roughly estimating the cost of your packaging, moving truck, storage, gasoline, and insurance. It also means taking time off work or missing out on work opportunities. You also tend to reward the friends and families who sacrificed their weekend to help you with dinner and drinks. Few people have a real sense of how much it costs to move when they choose the DIY route.

Professional movers calculate the cost of moving your contents from A-to-B (including the use of temporary storage) and provide you with a quote up-front. Because they know how to buy materials, pack quickly, and get things in and out the door, their quote includes everything while excluding the little costs that tend to add up for DIY movers.

5. Get Settled Faster

There are so many other things you need to do when you move: set up your utilities, meet repair companies, accept deliveries, clean your new house, and sign paperwork. Those tend to be things that only you can do.

Using a moving professional frees you up to finish the paperwork and make your house liveable, while also relieving the stress that comes with physically moving the contents of your home.

Choose to Move with a Professional

Hiring professional movers is the smart way to transport your belongings because they do so much more than the heavy lifting. From inventories to complete estimates, choosing to use a professional moving company allows you to also move with certainty.

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