moving boxes stacked up in empty room.

Should You Rent Storage Space When Downsizing?

Downsizing to a smaller home is a lot of work. First, you will face paring down what you own to make it fit in the new place and then making what you keep work in a tighter space.

Many people facing a residential downsize will immediately go out and rent storage space when they decide to make a drastic transition to a smaller space. However, is renting storage truly necessary? Ask yourself these four questions to help you decide if renting storage is the best option.

1. How much time do you have?

Most sources recommend that you have at least two months to plan and coordinate a move. However, even 60 days can be short when you also have life responsibilities to navigate, like work and family. If you have little time to sift through your belongings, renting a storage unit may be ideal. With a rented storage space, you can simply box up items you know you will have to contend with later and place them in storage.

2. What is your moving budget?

According to SpareFoot, the average storage unit cost is just over $100 per month or $1.16 per square foot. These costs have been rising over the last few years, which you must consider when deciding on storage.

The cost of storage might determine how you proceed. If your moving budget is already slim, the extra expense may not be feasible. Therefore, you should focus more closely on downsizing your belongings before you move.

3. How committed are you to narrowing down your belongings?

Sorting through belongings and deciding what to keep can be a more trying process for some than others. For example, if you have an emotional attachment to many of your things, you may take longer to sort through your belongings. Therefore, renting a storage unit could be to your benefit. By contrast, if you are wholly committed to the process and ready to let go of extra stuff, you may not need storage.

4. Do you have access to a storage facility nearby?

Sometimes, geography can have a lot to do with whether you rent a storage space or not. While storage facilities are available in most locations, availability can also be limited in some areas. If you need help finding storage space close enough to your new place to be logical, it may be an excellent sign to skip renting storage. You can spend a lot of time and money making trips to your storage facility after your move to take care of the belongings you couldn’t fit in your new place.

5. Check with your professional movers about storage.

Full-service movers generally offer flexible storage solutions for short and extended periods. Inquire with your mover about options at their storage facilities. Excellent movers provide additional protection for precious items.

Need help along the way?

Whether you are downsizing, upsizing, or simply making a general transition from one home to the next, a lot of work is involved. Bringing in a professional moving company’s skilled hands and minds can lighten the load. Contact our team to get a moving quote today to get started on your move.