Should I Move? 4 Factors to Consider

Are you tired of the same old scenery? Are the maintenance issues in your current home less than desirable? Or, are you looking for a home upgrade?

If you’re unhappy in your current home, it’s worth considering moving options.

If you’re thinking “should I move?”, chances are a change of scenery is in order. Ask yourself these questions before you put a moving plan in motion.

1. Should I Move Right Now?

Moving is an expensive and time-consuming process, and right now might not be the best time to do it.

A long-term plan is essential. Moving is a considerable commitment that requires much energy, patience, and solid financial resources.

Consider the following:

  • How much will it cost to relocate?
  • Can I afford to make a move right now?
  • What is the availability of housing in the new city?
  • If you’re changing jobs, is it a good time of the year to find a new job?
  • Can my family handle the stress and changes of a move?

Examine the less tangible, hidden costs involved as well. For example, what impact will the move have on your children’s academics, your time off work, and moving further from family and friends?

2. Will I Miss My Current Situation?

Take some time to consider the positive aspects of your current home so that you can gauge if a new environment will be better.

  • Do you have awesome neighbors and live in a friendly community?
  • Is your home located conveniently close to amenities like stores, medical facilities, gyms, and schools?
  • Do you have a reliable support network in place with family and friends?

If you answered no to these questions and they are important considerations for you, it might be time to consider moving somewhere where these things are available. A new location might have a positive impact.

3.  What Are the Negatives?

Make a list of all the things you don’t like about your current neighborhood, house, or living situation. Determine if your unhappiness stems from factors other than your location.

Are there any changes you can make before you uproot your whole family?

People often relocate to escape from unhappy relationships. Instead, separate from that association or take the steps to fix it.

Moving away isn’t always going to change the situation.

4. What About My Job?

If you’re unhappy in your current job and want to escape from it rather than moving, try to find a different job nearby. Or apply for a different position within your current company instead.

If staying in the area is not an option, research employment opportunities in your new city. It’s best to secure a position in your new location before deciding to move.

Get Answers to Your Questions About Moving

If you have more questions about moving, keep browsing through our blog. We have plenty of handy information to guide you through the process.

If you decide relocation is your best option, hiring a top-notch moving company is the first step in making the transition as comfortable as possible.

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