Pin It, Snap It, Design It: The Best Planning Apps to Help Plan Your Move

If you’ve been looking for things to make your move smoother, easier, and quicker, we’ve got some good news for you!

Let’s take a look at some of the best planning apps available that will get you moving in no time.

1. Zillow

When you are searching for a home, the Zillow app is a handy resource. It is one of the most downloaded real estate apps, with millions of positive reviews. It has a reputation for being reliable, legitimate, and trustworthy.

Browse through detailed listings of homes with great photos and plenty of information, including tax history, local school information, average mortgage and rental payments, and more.

2. OfferUp

One benefit of moving is that it provides you with the opportunity to downsize by getting rid of items you no longer want or need.

Why not make a little money when you eliminate these items? Use the OfferUp app, the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers, to quickly and efficiently sell and recycle your unneeded items.

Take photos of your belongings, set prices, and list them on this app.

This is a great way to downsize and earn a few bucks along the way!

3. MyMovingList

Staying organized and on top of your move is essential. The key to a successful move is a plan and a checklist.

The MyMovingList app is a user-friendly, detailed moving checklist which helps alleviate some of the stress of moving. Stay organized during your move with this step-by-step moving checklist. This app allows you to customize by adding your own personal reminders and tasks.

Coordinate with your whole family during your move. The MyMovingList app allows you to sync devices so that your family can work as a group in the planning, packing, and moving process. Assign tasks to various family members. When the tasks are completed, each device within the group is quickly updated so that everyone knows where things stand in the moving process.

4. Sortly

Keep organized while you are packing with the Sortly app.

This popular app lets you take a photo of each item and then organize the images into categories so that you precisely know what things you have in your home. As you pack, assign each piece to a particular box. Then create a QR code label for your boxes.

Unpacking is then a breeze because you can scan the code on each box to see what’s inside. This app is also helpful if you are planning to place boxes in storage, so you can quickly locate the items you need.

5. Amikasa

Part of the fun and excitement of a new home is decorating it. The Amikasa app is a tool that helps you do just that.

This easy-to-use app lets you create your own room and play with organizing and arranging furniture and designs. Alternatively, use your phone camera to capture what a piece of furniture or design detail would look like in your new space.

6. Nextdoor

Once you have made the move and are settling into your new neighborhood, you will want more information about your town.

Connect with your new community on the Nextdoor app to learn about local events, restaurants, and much more. This free, private social network for your neighborhood community taps you into topics ranging from local road closures to recommendations for dentists or contractors. Also, receive alerts from your city or police so that you’re always in the loop.

Exploring the Best Planning Apps for a Move

There are plenty of elements involved in a move. From the house shopping phase to the move itself and beyond, you need all the help you can get. These apps are a few of the options out there to help you plan, keep on track, and stay motivated throughout your move.

If you’d like more help with your upcoming move or want to see what we can offer you at MEYER Household Moving, please feel free to contact us!