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Now What? Things to Do at Home After the Move is Done

You found the house of your dreams. You’ve moved everything out of the old house, and you’re sitting surrounded by dozens of boxes in your brand new space.

Now what?

You have a mental to-do list, but there’s no definite starting point. 

There are so many things to do when you move that it can feel overwhelming. Here is a list of tips to make your post-move tasks as easy as possible.

Read on for the best things to do at home when settling into a new house.

Things to Do Before and During the Move

Whether you’re moving down the street or to another state, there are plenty of things to take care of.

Regardless of where you’re moving, organization is essential.

Stay Organized

Staying organized during a move will not only keep your stress low, but it will make the process of moving and unpacking much quicker. Have a plan, such as making checklists and maintaining an inventory of your belongings.


Make a new house checklist to ensure you don’t miss any necessary tasks. Things to include on this checklist are cleaning, locating the fuse box and main water valve, and childproofing your house. 

In addition to your new house checklist, having a change of address checklist will help you remember those little tasks that are easy to forget when you’re caught up in the rush of moving. 

Changing your mailing address to your new address can be done easily online.

Also, plan to get a new driver’s license and register your car. While you probably can’t do this until the actual move, you can locate a DMV ahead of time near your new house.


Keep a list of everything. Yes, everything. It sounds tedious, but even just labeling which room each box goes to can ensure it gets to the right place before unpacking. 

Keep an inventory of what’s in each box. Knowing the contents of each box can help you decide what to unpack first.

Also, maintain an inventory of your boxes, especially if you’re working with a moving company. That way, you can keep track of anything that might be missing and check in with the movers to see if something might still be in their truck.

Things to Do at Your New Home


The movers will place all of the boxes in their respective rooms upon arrival at the new home

First, unpack the things that are most important. If you are unpacking your bedroom, set up your bed and bed frame before unpacking things like your wall decor.

Learn About the House

Set out to explore your new residence. Locate the fuse box and main water stop valve in case of emergencies. Are there smoke detectors installed and working? Locate the fire-extinguishers and make sure they are in working order as well.

Write down the readings for your water and electric meters.

Change the locks and your garage code.

Things to Do After Unpacking

Explore the Area

Once you’re settled in and have unpacked, explore your new community. Finding things like parks, restaurants, or even just meeting the neighbors will make you feel more at home, especially if you’re new to the town or state. 

Recycle Moving Materials

Each year, the U.S. produces close to 100 billion cardboard boxes. Do your part and recycle your cardboard boxes after moving. Check with your moving company to see if they have a program to take back your boxes. If not, give them to someone else who is moving, or save them for future use. 

Discard worn, broken boxes in a recycling bin

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