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Multitasking: 3 Home Staging Tips While Packing for a Move

Are you getting ready to move, but your house is still on the market?

While you’re packing up things inside your home, make sure to pay attention to the outside of your home for staging purposes.  Luckily, with the right home staging, you can get your home sold and off the market faster. 

Check out this guide to discover the top home staging tips before your household move

1. Boost Your Curb Appeal 

While you’re packing up things inside your home, make an effort to focus some attention on the outside to create optimum curb appeal.  

When people go house hunting, they often drive by the home first and decide on the spot whether or not it’s worth taking a serious look at. This means that you need to do everything you can to wow home-buyers driving by. Here are some simple things you can do:

  • Power wash the walkways and siding
  • Wash the front windows
  • Stain or repaint the porch or front door
  • Trim the grass, add fresh sod, and reseed it as necessary
  • Plant flowers and fresh greenery
  • Place house numbers that are easy to read

Also, make sure your front step/porch area is inviting. Put down a clean welcome rug, some blooming potted plants, and some nice porch furniture. All of these will add a homey touch.

2. De-Personalize Your Space 

One of the biggest goals of home staging is to help potential buyers visualize themselves living in your space. This is why when you’re packing for a move, you should de-personalize your space and pack up your personal items first. 

This allows you to create a blank canvas for your buyers. Remove personal photos, trophies, certificates, religious memorabilia, children’s toys, and anything else that makes the home look like it’s still yours. Also, make sure clothes are stored away and that the counter areas in the kitchen and bathroom are clean. 

3. Brighten Up Your Rooms 

If you’re busy moving into your new home, you likely don’t have a lot of time to think about home staging. 

Luckily, there’s a straightforward home staging trick that works wonders and hardly takes any time at all. Potential buyers don’t like to walk into dark rooms, which makes the home feel devoid of life. 

During showings, open the blinds on all of your windows. Then turn on all of the lights in your home, including lamp lights. This will help open up your home and make it feel bright and welcoming. 

Home Staging Tips: Are You Ready to Stage Your Home? 

Now that you’ve read these home staging tips, it’s time to get to work staging your home. 

Staging your home takes a lot of work and time, and it can take your focus off of your big move. This is why it’s a good idea to hire a moving company. 

Let the movers handle your move’s logistics so that you can focus on staging your home for potential buyers. If you’re seeking a reputable moving company, contact us today