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4 Ways to Save Big When Moving Long Distance

Americans move more frequently than people from other nations do, not just to a new location within their current city, but also between cities and regions. Moving a long distance is stressful and often expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

See how you can cut costs while moving long distances without sacrificing quality. 

Moving can be done cost-effectively. Are you ready to find out how you can make your move easier on the wallet? Read on!

1. Time Your Move Right

Moving, no matter the distance, comes with a different price at different times of the year. Moving during the summer tends to cost a bit more because the summer months are in high demand.  Summer is considered peak moving season because children are out of school, and the weather is mild. Therefore, the demand is greater. For more cost-effective rates, select an off-peak month between September and May

If possible, avoid planning your move on a holiday or the last weekend of the month since prices tend to be higher during these times as well. If you need to move during a peak time, book your move well in advance to make sure you secure a mover.  

2. Pack with Care When Moving Long Distance

The more things you need to move, the more your move will cost – especially if you’re moving long-distance. 

Approach your packing with a critical eye. Look at your possessions and decide if you can eliminate some items to reduce your load. Some furniture, like sofas, are bulky and very heavy. Determine if it would be more cost-effective to leave the old one behind and find a new one when you arrive at your new place.

Also, eliminate things like gym equipment, books, and old computers. Long-distance movers often charge by weight, and lightening your load can make a difference in the cost.

3. Find a Reliable and Cost-Effective Moving Company

Finding the right moving company can help your moving budget. The right household movers will use their expertise to save you money and provide a seamless move. When you combine the cost of renting the necessary equipment and tools to move, with the cost of the moving truck and the value of your time, hiring professional movers might be more cost-effective than you imagined. Professional moving companies might offer competitively priced packages as well as services like packing and unpacking.

4. Create a Moving Budget 

Don’t get caught off guard and unprepared with expenses part way through your move. Draft a moving budget as soon as possible. 


Moving expenses include more than the cost of hiring professional movers. When setting your budget, have every detail so that the costs don’t catch you off guard. Incorporate moving supplies, storage, hotel fees, meals, pet care, and repairs for your new home.

 It is essential to know what the whole relocation is going to cost before, during, and after the move. Find a moving budget template online to help you organize your budget. Then save money by sticking to it.

How We Can Help

Moving long distance is very stressful, but we’re here to help you. We have experience assisting people moving long distances and internationally. 

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