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Moving Soon? 4 Decluttering Tips To Help

When you’re preparing to move, it’s essential to declutter before you start packing. Decluttering helps you get rid of those items you don’t need in your new home and reduces the number of things you need to pack. In the long run, decluttering can save you time and money.

For some people, decluttering can be an intimidating process. However, the following tips can help you get through the process quickly and efficiently.  

1. Take an Organized Approach

Make a plan to declutter your entire home. The plan should outline when you will do the work, which rooms will come first, second, etc. Having a plan can help you stay on track and prevent you from spending too much time decluttering in any specific room. 

2. Get Help

Decluttering is a lot of work, and sometimes it involves heavy lifting and other types of physical labor. Don’t try to declutter on your own. Instead, get a friend, family member, or a group of friends and family to help you. If you think that decluttering will take you many months, you may want to ask for help from different people at different stages of the decluttering process. 

Getting help from someone can make the time go faster. Getting help also prevents you from injuring yourself. For example, working with someone who can help you lift heavy objects can help reduce strain on your back. You’re going to need your physical health through other parts of your relocation, so don’t wear yourself out during the decluttering process. 

3. Make Three Piles

Make three piles when you’re decluttering any room. One pile of:

  • Things to throw away.
  • Items to donate.
  • Things to recycle

 Dividing your items into these piles can help keep your decluttering effort organized. Once you’ve decluttered a room, get rid of those three piles, then move on to the next room. 

4. Give Yourself Adequate Time

One thing that can be surprising is just how much time it takes to declutter. A closet that seems like it might take half an hour could take three hours, depending on how many boxes of items you need to declutter and how hard it is for you to decide what needs to go and what needs to stay. When you’re making a schedule and a plan for your decluttering process, give yourself more time than you think you need to get through the chore. 

The more time you have to declutter, the better job you’ll do. It’s important to give yourself all the time you need, so start early. 

Make Your Move Easier by Working With Professionals

Working with professionals can make your move easier and more efficient. Hire a professional moving company to do your packing. This will give you more time to do some decluttering!

To find out how much time your professional moving company needs to pack your items, contact us. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote and give you a timeline.