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Moving Across the Country With Kids? Pack These Five Essential Items

If you’re preparing for a cross-country move with little ones, your stress levels are likely high. While moving is a stressful event for parents, it can be tough on kids too. Whether your children are old enough to express themselves or not, they’ll likely benefit from some planning. It will make the trip from one place to another a little bit easier.

Check out these five must-have kiddo items for your car (or plane) ride across the country to your family’s new home.

Favorite Stuffed Animal

You’d never intentionally leave your child’s comfort toy behind, and it’s essential to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally get packed during the moving process. Ask your child to set aside their stuffed animal in their “go” bag. This can help them take ownership of their own stress management during the move. If your child has several favorite stuffed toys, ask them to pick one or two to accompany them during their journey. Reassure them that the rest of their special buddies will be meeting them in their new home.

Extra Changes of Clothes

Kids can be messy. From spills to potty training accidents, the last thing you want is to be stuck without an extra set of clothes during a long drive or while waiting for a flight. Therefore, it’s wise to pack at least two more sets of clothing than you think they’ll need (if you have the room). Be sure also to pack some plastic grocery bags. These will come in handy if you need to bag up extra messy items until you’re able to do laundry in your new home.

Medications and First Aid Kits

You’d never forget your kid’s prescription medications, but you must have over-the-counter items readily available as well. From ointment for bee stings to tweezers to remove small splinters, you’ll want to be sure you have everything you need if your child gets an injury. If it’s your child’s first flight or long car trip, be sure to bring some motion sickness medication if their tummy gets upset.

Non-Perishable Snacks

It’s wise to pack your children’s favorite snacks. Having treats on hand will keep the kids calm and potentially save you a bit of money and frustration. Include healthy snacks low in sugar. It’s an excellent way to stay out of the drive-through (and out of the gas station snack aisle) as you travel.

Special Surprises for Tough Moments

It’s inevitable — at some point during the flight or car ride, your child will get tired, cranky, upset, or just sick of being in the car or on the plane. Having a few surprise treats in your bag of tricks can quell meltdowns at the moment. Don’t feel bad for using this technique — moving is an exceptional circumstance. It’s ok to do what you need to do to make it through.

You Have Enough On Your Plate — Working With A Moving Company Can Lighten Your Load

Preparing and executing a move is exhausting work, especially when you have little ones in tow. We’re here to help. Today, reach out to us to chat about how our professional moving services can help make your move less stressful.