How to Save on Moving Costs: A Guide for Young Adults

If you moved back home after college, or if you lived in your parents’ home while attending school, you may be ready and anxious to move out on your own.

You may be moving to take on a new job or experience life in a new environment. Regardless of your reasons, take time to evaluate your moving options and expenses.

Consider the time of the year you wish to move and the distance between your destination and current location.

Here are some of the ways to cut costs on your next move.

1. Understand the Moving Costs Involved

Learn about all the fees involved in the exercise to find a solution on how to make a cost-effective move.

Find out how the mover calculates the costs and whether they’re binding. Prepare a budget based on the affordability of these charges.

Negotiate for a fairer deal while referring to your budget.

2. Choose a Convenient Moving Date

Avoid relocating to a new place during peak moving dates to move on a budget.

Peak moving dates include holidays such as Labor Day and Memorial Day. They also include the first and last weeks of the month and weekends.

Consider moving during the week in off-peak seasons, which include mid-month April to October.

3. Enlist Help from Friends and Family Members

Ask your friends and family members to assist you with the moving endeavor. Choose a convenient moving date to ensure that most of them are available to help you.

Count on your friends or family to offer budget-friendly help. Some ways to pay them include a meal out in your new town, gift cards, or tickets to an event.

4. Get Multiple Bids from Professional Movers

Professional moving companies observe the highest safety standards while serving you. Ask at least three of them for bids and compare the rates as you’re figuring how to move on a budget.

You can start by requesting a quote from us today for your upcoming move.

5. Do the Packing Yourself

Although hiring professional packers helps make the moving process fast, you’ll be charged packing expenses. Instead of incurring packing costs, consider packing everything yourself.

Note that packing rates differ with the moving company. Ask about the hourly rates and time frame for packing services.

Hire a Professional Mover Today

Professional movers can make it easier and more convenient for you to relocate to a new home. Get and compare quotes from multiple movers if you’re keen on reducing your moving costs.

Many movers are reputable for facilitating international, interstate, and local moves.

MEYER Household Moving has all the expertise to facilitate your move.

Contact us if you have any questions about household moving.